Thursday, July 3, 2014

Corinne's Current Wishlist

A few things I'm coveting right now.

1// Obsessed with hand necklaces right now. I already have one, but this piece by Datter is just so cute and little!
2// My jewelry taste has simplified over the last year. Loving these antique bronze and black tourmaline earrings by JaxKelly.
3// Full on swooning over these bat wing heels by Jeffrey Campbell!
4// I can't get over how perfect this fringe kimono is (and all their other ones too). Shut up and take my money She Vamps!
5// Antler mirrors are definitely what I'm missing from my bedroom collection.
6// These "Decomposition books" by Bookbinders are adorable! (Admittedly, I only want one because it says "decomposition"…)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Bucket List

Summer is here! I refuse to let these days of sunshine pass by without getting at least half of these things crossed off my bucket list. I'm mostly looking forward to stuffing my face with sinfully fried food at the fair and laying around in the sun drinking margaritas on the weekends. ;D Check out my whole list below and let me know what fun stuff you've got going on this summer!

✓ Ride roller coasters, watch pig races, and binge on fried food at the San Diego County Fair
• Take Frankie to a dog beach
• Fix up the backyard in our new place & throw a big housewarming BBQ
• Watch a cult classic movie under the stars in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery
✓ Margarita Sundays (do nothing but hang out with good friends and sip margaritas)
• Walk the boardwalk and visit the Venice Beach Freakshow
• Get away for a quick weekend camping trip
• Add a little something extra and make adult Sonic slushes
• Spend all day at a waterpark (haven't been to one in ages!)
• Renew our San Diego Zoo passes and visit the new Tiger Trail
• Start gardening at the new house
• Take an In-N-Out picnic to Queen Califia's Magical Circle
✓ Fill the car with snacks and catch a movie at the South Bay Drive-In

What are your exciting plans for the summer?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Midweek Muse - Kimberly Witham

Kimberly Witham is currently exhibiting her latest series On Ripeness and Rot at Gallery Kayafas. I'm thrilled to see new work coming from Kimberly after previously featuring her here on my blog.

This new series is reminiscent of classical Dutch still life paintings, with their dark backgrounds and rich symbolism. Dead animals are arranged amongst florals, fruits, and tablewares. Some plants are ripe and vibrant while others, like the creatures, are beginning to wilt and decay – flowers fall limp and lose their color; an eggplant and pomegranate shrivel up in a bowl; squirrels, birds, and other beasts lie lifeless on the surface. In classic vanitas style, the artist states, "These paintings serve as both a celebration of beauty and a reminder of the inevitability of death."

If you're in the Boston area, you can see her work on display from now until July 26th.

See more at

Friday, May 30, 2014

Recent Work - Mandala Chai Cola

Finally getting some time to share a few of my portfolio projects from this semester!

Mandala Chai Cola is a fictional soda brand that evolved from an earlier design exercise where a simple star symbol was expanded to create a variety of unique logos. Starting with the basic 5-pointed star, I created a mandala, a Buddhist spiritual symbol often used as a meditation tool. In my sketches, I noticed that the central shape resembled a star anise pod, a spice used in chai tea. From there, I developed a chai soda brand inspired by the earthy, natural tones of the spices present in the drink and used design elements borrowed from Hindu Rangoli. The final identity and packaging design embodies the spiritual origins while also representing the unique and earthy taste of chai cola.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Life Lately - 23

Let's just pretend I haven't been really bad at keeping up with this blog. Okay, cool. Moving right along then.

I'm officially a college graduate! I wasn't sure whether to end that statement with an exclamation mark or an ellipses. The excitement was quickly met with an anxiety about the future as family and friends celebrated with me, then asked, "So what's next?" Hell if I know. So the last couple weeks have been spent trying to figure out my life and get my post-grad shit together.

If anyone has a magic formula for doing so, please feel free to share.

In An Instant: 1// A quick skullfie before my last day of class. 2// How I would have decorated my grad cap, but I saved my family the embarrassment. 3// Finally got my hands finger on Blood Milk's rose gold Belonging to the Darkness ring I've been lusting after for forever. :swoon: 4// The week following graduation was entirely spent gearing up for the San Diego AIGA portfolio review. 5// Currently obsessed with Lime Crime's Salem matte lip stain and Contrived to Charm's bat belt. 6// So excited to shoot with my new Hold Fast MoneyMaker camera holster and look totally BA in the process.

Links I'm Loving:
• SDSU Launches New Course in Zombie Culture - FearNet (Seriously?! This just so happens to come out AFTER I graduate?)
• 50 Ways to Kick Blogger's Block - Gala Darling
• #YesAllWomen - Gina Denny (In light of the recent shooting, this is an important issue everyone should be aware of.)
• The Realily of Owning Your Own Business - Love Grows Design
• 10 Job-Hunting Tips - A Beautiful Mess (I don't read many articles on ABM anymore, but this was a good one.)

Words of Wisdom: "Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow." - Unknown


What's everyone been up to while I've been MIA? I look forward to getting back into this blog and reconnecting with you guys.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Personal Portfolio Book

I just wanted to pop in and share a few sneak peeks at my personal portfolio book I've been working on for the last several months. A lot of literal blood, sweat, and tears (and several 3AM all-nighters) have gone into making this book a reality and I couldn't be more proud to end my final semester of design school with this in my hands.

This 12x12 hardback perfect bound book was printed through Blurb and contains 8 projects I've completed during my time at SDSU, plus a collection of various illustrations. I'll be sharing more in-depth looks at the projects included in this portfolio here on my blog throughout the next couple weeks, so stay tuned for that!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Recent Work - Open Studios Poster

I'm thrilled to share that my poster design was chosen to promote SDSU's Open Studios show! :D

Open Studios is an exciting yearly event in the graphic design department at State, where friends, family, and faculty come together to see what the designers have been slaving over all year. My goal for this project was to create a poster that would encompass the collected experience of our design students without being cheeseily over-inspirational or cliche.

My original idea was just to illustrate the everyday tools we as designers use, with a few funny nods to not-so-conventional items we're uniquely familiar with here on campus (ie. eating Betty's hot dogs three days in a row because the art department is so far away from any other food options). While vats of Starbucks coffee, nonprescription glasses, and inspirational cat Instagrams are all pertinent parts of being a designer, our most important tools are our hands. Tools that get abused a lot throughout the semester. Being a design student isn't just drawing cool things and Pinning ideas all day. It's bloody hard work. Amidst the constant keyboard carpal tunnel and 12AM x-acto knife wrist cramps, I've found myself swearing these hands are going to fall off if I keep designing. So I forwent the typical optimistic message of past posters for something more darkly humorous and strangely motivational, and added a severed hand to the mix, still clutching a Wacom pen with the title "'Til Your Hands Fall Off" scrawled at the bottom.

I illustrated all elements of the poster by hand in my signature style for a playful vibe that's unique and eye-catching to fellow students. The concept and style is obviously different from most of the posters we see everyday on campus, which would deliberately draw viewers in. For added impact, I used a bright color scheme associated with spring. The pinks and blues also contrast the dark subject matter and downplay the potential goriness of the piece, making it more "creepy cute" rather than off-putting or disturbing. The message is simple: While it may feel like your hands are going to turn into bloody stumps, keep going, keep designing.

Probably one of the most exciting parts about having my poster chosen is that it got to be screen-printed. I've had t-shirt designs screen-printed by clients before, but I've never actually witnessed the process myself. Pretty fascinating stuff! I spent a Sunday afternoon with three of my past instructors from the design department joking around in the studio and whipping up 50 of these bad boys in record time. Apparently, in the past when they've put the posters up around campus too soon, people end up stealing all of them before the show, haha. Can you blame them? There's just something so appealing about art created by hand.

Yummy gummy fleshy pink ink ready for pulling.

I tried my hand at pulling the squeegee. But I wasn't very good at it, haha.

Base layer before applying the halftone details.

Close-up of the halftone shading. This poster was offset, but it actually looked pretty cool and ended up being one of our favorites.

Final poster coming through the drying machine!

If you're in San Diego, please feel free to stop by SDSU tomorrow night and check out all the great work! My portfolio will also be displayed in the senior exhibition, so more on that later!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Our Save the Dates

Our save-the-date postcards have pretty much all been mailed off! Being the frugal control-freak that I am, I opted to photograph our own engagement pictures and design our own invites (and address every one in my own handwriting since I refused to let anyone help; I told you, I have a problem…). If you want to save money on your wedding stationery, postcards are the way to go. We ordered 100 of these for $41 from NextDayFlyers. I was a little nervous about how they would turn out since I'm usually wary of the print and color quality of these cheap & fast companies. But I couldn't be happier with the final result! The colors are accurate and the quality is crisp. Love 'em!

ps. How on earth is my wedding already only 4 months away? Yikes!

Interested in having me design your stationery or photograph your wedding? Get all the details at!

Monday, May 5, 2014

'68 // Soma, San Diego 5.3.14

Hey, long time no see, Internet world. I was going to come back with a Life Lately post yet again explaining why I haven't been blogging. But that would be boring and predictable. Instead, I've got some rad photos to share from the '68 show this weekend.

In case you've been living under a rock and/or could care less about metalcore, Josh Scogin – my good friend and musical mastermind behind former bands The Chariot and Norma Jean – has started a new two-piece heavy rock-n-roll duo called '68. I caught up with them at my old stomping grounds on their current tour with Chiodos. I haven't shot photos at this venue in years, so it felt weird to be back. I also haven't even listened to Chiodos since I was in high school. Nothing reminds me I'm getting older quite like standing in an audience of underage scene kids at a screamo show. But I digress… If '68 is coming through your town, I highly suggest checking them out if you enjoy some good ol' rock-n-roll or just miss The Chariot and want to see Josh carrying on the legacy of the trademark Scogin wide spread power stance.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Conor & Elina's Engagement

When Conor & Elina came to me wanting a woodsy engagement session, I knew just the spot to take them! There's a secret little patch of Redwoods hidden next to the freeway by Balboa Park. Not a sight you'd expect to see here in our own San Diego backyard. And while it's nothing like the lush, towering forests of Northern California, it still made the perfect backdrop for this couple's romantic and adventurous photoshoot. :)

Interested in booking your own photoshoot with me? Get all the details at!

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