Stocking Stuffers for Strange Girls

I’m aware it’s early and wholly unlike me, but I’ve officially become stricken with the holiday spirit. But as you know, my inner strange girl won’t ever let me fully abandon Halloween. So I’ve compiled a list of stocking stuffers (most under $20) you can put on your Christmas wish list that’ll still satisfy your spooky affinities.

1 // This Burned at the Stake candle couldn’t be better suited for Christmas with the sweet smell of bonfire, pine, and subtle notes of clove and spice (they’ve aptly left out the scent of burning hair and flesh).

2 // Swooning hard over this vintage anatomy journal. There’s lots of other beautiful designs suited for the lover of antique science and biology on the Cognitive Surplus site.

3 // Beauty products make great stocking stuffers, and if you’re looking for something more out of the ordinary, try any one of the handcremes from TokyoMilk’s Dark collection. I’m especially loving Arsenic right now, an intoxicating warm blend of vanilla salt, spices, and woods sharpened with cut greens and absinthe.

4 // All girls with a fondness for the Victorian love a good hand curio. This brass hand paper clip is both decorative and functional (dare I say “handy”?). The design was reproduced from a Victorian letter holder.

5 // This little embroidered bat patch is just way too cute not to have inside your Christmas stocking.

6 // Have all eyes on you with these quirky nail decals.

7 // You’ll be cute as a bug in these bettle socks from Anthropologie.

8 // These killer dagger cat eye “singlasses” are perfect for the badass babe on your Christmas list.

9 // I’m loving that lapel pins are back in style, so get ur flair on with these delightfully dark brass & copper pins featuring a coffin, planchette, and crystal.

10 // Can never have enough bewitching fragrances. The Parlor Apothecary has concocted an assortment of unique potions with intriguing names ranging from “Victorian Spirit” to “Antique Tonic” and “Alchemy Elixir”. Their set of 4 perfumes makes an ideal gift for the enchanting lady in your life.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Hope you aren’t too sad about Halloween being over, and got some fun ideas from this list for geting a head start on your Christmas shopping.

Meg & Barak’s Wedding

Meg and Barak, an adventurous pair of yogis and rock-climbers, had one of the most beautiful weddings atop Palomar Mountain underneath the old walnut trees of Bailey’s Resort. This couple, their friends, and family all radiated with so much love and liveliness, it was contagious. Needless to say, we had such a fun time photographing their gorgeous day.

As always, big thanks to my second shooter, Suzi Jacobs.

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Halloween Mix – Blood On My Neck

It’s finally starting to feel like fall around here, so I’ve compiled another spooky mix to get you in the Halloween spirit. Lots of synthy tracks and haunting vocals dripping with sex, inspired by 80s vampire movies and more modern tales like Only Lovers Left Alive. Check out past year’s mixes: 2014 | 2013

01. “Circulars” — Still Corners
02. “Fresh Blood” — Eels
03. “Dark Allies” — Light Asylum
04. “It’s Out There and It’s Gonna Get You” — The Paper Chase
05. “2020” — Suuns
06. “Worship” — A Place to Bury Strangers
07. “Shadowshow” — iamamiwhoami
08. “Spellwork” — Austra
09. “What’s A Girl To Do?” — Bat For Lashes
10. “The Big Dream” — David Lynch
11. “Dark Energy” — Faded Paper Figures
12. “Smoulder” — EMA


Midmonth Muse – Katie Scott

Katie Scott is an illustrator from London who specializes in scientific and anatomical inspired art. Her works are reminiscent of antique naturalist illustrations, yet have a brilliantly colorful and modern flair that is uniquely her own. You know when an artist is just so good, it makes you hate yourself? That’s what Katie’s work does to me… in the best way possible.

Feast your eyes on more of her incredible works at

Curious Collection – Estate Sale Finds

Friday morning, my alarm sounds off at 4AM and I muster up consciousness to drive over half an hour north for first dibs on an estate sale I saw online. For those unfamiliar with estate sale hunting, some places with desirable items create sign up lists that are posted outside the home a few hours before starting time, and then crazy people like me get filed in by that order. The clipboard goes out at 5AM; I arrive at 5:06 and a dozen people are already scrambling in the dark to get their names on the list. I’m number 17. Next comes the waiting game… Doors don’t open until 8AM, so me and a couple other dedicated buyers camp out in our cars along the street until go time. I decide to pee in a bottle because I can’t drive to a restroom and risk losing my perfect parking spot. The things we do for the hunt…

Estate sales gather groups of people almost as eclectic as the items we’re vying for – all different shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds. People who can’t stop talking to you about their interests. People who all know each other from other estate sales they’ve staked out. People who resell weird things and people like me who just collect weird things. Despite our differences, there’s a unique sense of camaraderie and we all wish each other “Good luck”.


In the end, here’s the haul I came back with: a beautiful vintage goat mount, a good sized antler rack with hunting tag still attached, an old hand saw, vintage tobacco tins, old shears, and a load of gorgeous hard-cover books (one of which is from 1900 and has a hand-written note inside dated 1905).