Links I’m Lovin’

• If you’re a fan of Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, here’s a fantastic article about another crematory operator, Lauren Rosen.

• This description is pretty much me to a T, it’s uncanny. 17 things that happen when you’re very overdriven yet also extremely lazy at the same time.

• Treated myself to these ghost Pokémon leggings to make working in my yoga pants all day a little more interesting.

• So inspired by yesterday’s home tour with Suna Lock. Love all the eclectic collections!

• Some great freelance tips on managing your client expectations. I’ve been doing something similar with outlining my process and it’s not only helped my clients better understand my workflow, but it keeps me accountable as well.

• I recently discovered the podcast Mystery Show and I’m obsessed. Hosted by Starlee Kine of This American Life, each episode sets out to solve a seemingly simple yet very personal mystery, like the disappearance of a neighborhood video store or the exact height of Jake Gyllenhaal (random, I know, but it’s brilliant).

• Gotta love all of Caitlin Doughty’s videos! This informative post about the foreskin wedding ring of St. Catherine is no exception.

Image source: Stuck with Pins

Fresh Start After a Long Hiatus

Feels good to be getting back into the swing of blogging! I felt my long absence warranted some sort of comeback statement, so here’s a little update on my plans for this blog from here on out.

Bloggers keep throwing the word “niche” around, and I finally sat down and figured out my own. I always knew I blogged about too many things and that made it difficult for readers to stay engaged. Furthermore, I lost interest in writing and coming up with post ideas for such a broad readership. Just slightly narrowing my focus this last week, I’ve been inspired to write so many new posts and can’t wait to see where this blog goes in the next couple months.

I’ll be posting 3 times a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – and will only be focusing on the following topics:

✳ Photography & design – That includes: my work (final pieces, works in progress, moodboards); tips and articles for fellow creatives and clients; freebies like wallpapers and other downloadables; and maybe the occasional roundup of design styles currently inspiring me.

✳ Curiosities & oddities – My interest in the strange, unusual, and natural world is such a huge part of what fuels the inspiration for my work, and I want to share those curiosities with you guys. I plan to highlight more of my collections; continue to feature artists with a similarly odd aesthetic; share info about unique objects and places you might otherwise not know about; and compile unique wishlists / gift guides like I’ve done in the past. I’m working on another bone processing article, and may share some other info down the road about collecting.

✳ Personal life – I’m going to be doing A LOT less personal blogging. I realized I didn’t enjoy blogging about my day-to-day life anymore. So now I’m only going to be sharing artsy stuff like photography from our personal travels and adventures; link roundups to articles I’m inspired by and want to share with you; and the occasional bucket list. No more “Life Lately” posts or fashion/outfit features.

My main aspiration for this blog is to inspire. Inspire you to create, and inspire you to explore and get curious about the unusual odds and ends that make the world interesting. More than just sharing my own work, I want this blog to feel like peering into a curiosity cabinet, wandering through a natural history museum, or poking through a quirky antique store (the kind that keeps miscellaneous baby doll heads next to the 1950s pyrex bowls).

So I hope you’ll keep reading and discovering cool new things with me!

Recent Work – Arc & Ember

Finally getting around to queuing up some of the recent work I’ve finished over the last couple months. I’m really pleased to be able to share this project now that it’s officially been released.

Allison came to me needing a brand and style guide for a blog she was just starting to conceptualize – a space where like-minded women could connect and share stories. In her own words, she describes it as a “community for women who are connecting to their own bodies, strength, and magic.” I was excited about the possibilities for this design right from the first email.

We drew a lot of inspiration from the Victorian fascination with Joan of Arc as a sort of mythic representation of feminine power, and went with a style that was bold but still notably feminine, with a bit of a dark witchy undertone to it. For the logotype, the characters are appropriately bold and strong, but the italics and symmetrical swashes on either end bring a sense of mystical femininity to the letters. The icon features a flame framed by laurel leaves, tying in that medieval Joan of Arc vibe while also referencing the name “Ember”. The addition of the arrow was inspired by the fact that Joan was shot through the neck with an arrow but kept on fighting – pretty much the most epic representation of female power.

In addition to the logo, I also created a few other brand elements to use on the blog. (A&E’s current layout was not designed by me, but you can see a sample layout of the elements in use below.)

Be sure to check out and see how you can get involved!

SoCal Beach Goth – Summer Wishlist

Guys, we’re fully submerged in summer now here in Southern California. The backs of my thighs stick to the office chair, the AC is on full blast through the night, and I regret neglecting my gym membership all winter and spring as I attempt to squeeze my ass into bikinis from years past. If you’re like me and aren’t totally stoked on the arrival of summer, this wishlist might get your inner beach goth excited.

1 // I just want to coverup from the sun while channeling Stevie in one of these magical fringe kimonos by She Vamps.
2 // Can never have enough bangles. I’m especially swooning over this black and gold etched stone set from Forever 21.
3 // Wide brim hats are an every day essential during summer (and all year round, if I have any say in it).
4 // Need an excessively large yet stylish bag to store all my summer survival gear in (sunblock, glass water bottle, sunglasses, touchup makeup when the heat melts it off, swimsuit for spontaneous pool hangs, portable blender for margaritas on the go, etc).
5 // Speaking of sunnies, I love these subtle cat eye sunglasses from Urban Outfitters.
6 // I have a Forever 21 ring addiction problem, but just look at this etched set!
7 // Really loving the halter bikini style right now and had to order this webbed swimsuit from Hurley. Protip: lots of items, including this one, are 50% off on Tilly’s website right now. Just got this set for $40!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you enjoy this summer weekend to the best of your ability. ;)

Moodboard – Spiritual Empowerment

Long time no see! It’s been business as usual around here and I haven’t taken much time to blog. But I wanted to pop in and share a recent moodboard I finished up for a spiritual empowerment coach I’m working with to create her brand design. I’ve absolutely been loving this project and can’t wait to share the final piece.

The style is warm and earthy with a sense of mystical femininity. The black, white, and gold color palette brings in a classy elegance that will help widen the accessibility of the brand (rather than just appealing to “boho” spiritual types). The gold tones also evoke feelings of value and empowerment, reflective of the way women will feel through their experience with the coach.

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