Casey & Carly’s Wedding

Casey and Carly had one of the most beautifully emotional yet outrageously fun weddings I’ve had the privilege of photographing. Everything about their ceremony – from the gorgeous backdrop of San Diego Botanic Gardens, to the tearful vows – was absolutely picture perfect. The highlight of the day had to be Casey’s vows to their son Ryder. There was not a dry eye at the altar during that moment. These three have such a wonderful future ahead of them surrounded by the love and support of their incredible families. Congrats Casey, Carly, & Ryder! :)

Big thanks to my second shooter Paige Nelson.

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Andy & Irina’s Wedding

Andy and Irina, dear friends of mine and some of the best looking people I know, had a gorgeous wedding at Booze Brothers Brewing Co in Vista. Every detail was hand-crafted by the abundantly talented friends and family who poured out their love onto this couple for their big day. And they deserved every bit of it – these two have such servants hearts, constantly giving all that they can to enrich the lives of others. It was a blast celebrating the start of their beautiful marriage.

As always, couldn’t have done it without my second shooter, Suzi Jacobs.

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Snowy Adventures with Scout

On New Years Day, we headed up to Mount Laguna for a walk through the forest with Scout. I can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year than breathing in fresh mountain air with the late afternoon sun on our skin. Patches of snow clung to the shady spots in the meadow and underneath the trees. So Scout experienced her very first snow day! And let me tell you – you haven’t seen pure happiness until you’ve seen a cattle dog chasing pinecones through the snow. Not pictured are the handful of photos I took of her rolling uncontrollably and darting through the snow-covered grass, leaving flurries of ice behind her while we died laughing. If there’s one resolution I have this year, it’s to do more of this.

Donna & Devan’s Wedding

Donna and Devan are some of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The way they talk about and look at each other, it’s plain to see these two are deeply in love. They had a beautiful wedding at Bailey’s Palomar Resort and we had such a fun time photographing their big day.

As always, couldn’t have done it without my second shooter, Suzi Jacobs.

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Stocking Stuffers for Strange Girls

I’m aware it’s early and wholly unlike me, but I’ve officially become stricken with the holiday spirit. But as you know, my inner strange girl won’t ever let me fully abandon Halloween. So I’ve compiled a list of stocking stuffers (most under $20) you can put on your Christmas wish list that’ll still satisfy your spooky affinities.

1 // This Burned at the Stake candle couldn’t be better suited for Christmas with the sweet smell of bonfire, pine, and subtle notes of clove and spice (they’ve aptly left out the scent of burning hair and flesh).

2 // Swooning hard over this vintage anatomy journal. There’s lots of other beautiful designs suited for the lover of antique science and biology on the Cognitive Surplus site.

3 // Beauty products make great stocking stuffers, and if you’re looking for something more out of the ordinary, try any one of the handcremes from TokyoMilk’s Dark collection. I’m especially loving Arsenic right now, an intoxicating warm blend of vanilla salt, spices, and woods sharpened with cut greens and absinthe.

4 // All girls with a fondness for the Victorian love a good hand curio. This brass hand paper clip is both decorative and functional (dare I say “handy”?). The design was reproduced from a Victorian letter holder.

5 // This little embroidered bat patch is just way too cute not to have inside your Christmas stocking.

6 // Have all eyes on you with these quirky nail decals.

7 // You’ll be cute as a bug in these bettle socks from Anthropologie.

8 // These killer dagger cat eye “singlasses” are perfect for the badass babe on your Christmas list.

9 // I’m loving that lapel pins are back in style, so get ur flair on with these delightfully dark brass & copper pins featuring a coffin, planchette, and crystal.

10 // Can never have enough bewitching fragrances. The Parlor Apothecary has concocted an assortment of unique potions with intriguing names ranging from “Victorian Spirit” to “Antique Tonic” and “Alchemy Elixir”. Their set of 4 perfumes makes an ideal gift for the enchanting lady in your life.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Hope you aren’t too sad about Halloween being over, and got some fun ideas from this list for geting a head start on your Christmas shopping.