Vicious World Lookbook

I’m really excited to share these photos with you guys! As I’ve been posting about on my blog non-stop, I went to Europe for 18 days with MyChildren MyBride and The Chariot. I could not have asked for better dudes to travel with for my first tour. Such a fun time! I’ll be sharing photos from the UK/European shows soon, so stay tuned for that. In the mean time, check out my Tumblr to watch the tour video The Chariot put together of all the footage Zach and I shot.

Matthew and Robert of MyChildren MyBride have started a clothing line, so we wanted to take full advantage of all the awesome locations in Germany and shoot some photos for their line.

These ones were taken in Germany at the Köln Cathedral, one of the largest Gothic churches in the world. Matthew, Robert, and I set out on a 2 mile walk from the venue to see this thing in all its glory. As we approached it, the sky was looming with black clouds, the bells were ringing out, and the wind was so powerful it nearly knocked us over. I’ve never seen anything more epic. This was the perfect setting for the Vicious World lookbook.

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