A Weekend In Seattle

We’re discovering that living a fulfilling life is about taking adventures. On a whim, Dave, Zach, and I decided to hop on a plane to Seattle for a weekend getaway. We had no plans to visit anyone, no sights we had in mind to see, nor any clue of how we’d get around. We just went and let the city guide us. We met so many awesome locals, went to a different underground speakeasy every night, and ate so much amazing food. We explored the city by foot, walking from Belltown to Capital Hill to Pike’s Market and all over downtown. There’s so much more I could write about, but I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves!

6 comments on “A Weekend In Seattle

  1. great bunch of pictures…i was at the world’s fair in 1962 and stood at the base of the space needle…
    no, i didn’t go up…it’s great that you guys were able to go up to seattle and see so much…thanks for sharing…

    • That horse head was probably the highlight of our trip. We used to have this fake beard we would take with us everywhere (it has it’s own Facebook), but now I think this horse head will be our new thing, haha.

  2. Seattle is such a fun city! My husband and I took our first trip as a couple there. We are planning to drive up there again this summer for a little getaway. May I ask where you stayed when you were there and whether or not you would recommend it? I’ve been hunting around airbnb and such but would love a recommendation!

    • We stayed at the Ace Hotel. I absolutely loved it! If you’ve never stayed at an Ace, I definitely recommend it. It’s got a hostel-ish vibe, but the rooms are all decorated differently, the staff is super friendly, and we ended up meeting some awesome people in the lobby. It’s very shamelessly hip, but if you’re into that, it’s a great experience. :)

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