Album Art: Being As An Ocean – Dear G-d…

I’m really proud to share this artwork as my first ever vinyl design! When the Being As An Ocean guys came to me wanting a 12″ created, I was ecstatic. Printing at this size gave me an opportunity to really show off some beautiful artwork. They pretty much left all creative freedom up to me and only gave one direction: use a deer. Lucky for them, I have quite a collection of deer lying around here. ;)

I spent an afternoon on my bedroom floor with a deer skull and the rays gleaming through my window, twisting and turning the bone in the dusty light. I wanted these images to convey a sleepy and romantic sense of abstract melancholy. I noticed some light casting from off a shiny surface, so I manipulated this affect by using a Swarovski crystal ornament to bounce multi-colored fragmented light around my room. The affect was pretty magical but it wasn’t dramatic enough since I knew these were going to be turned black and white. Instead I decided I shoot through the crystal, creating this kaleidoscope-like texture which I then overlaid onto the images in post. I’m really inspired by the haphazard hand-drawn type style of Neil Kellerhouse’s movie posters, so I pulled in some of that aesthetic for the inside writing and quickly scribbled across the image on my tablet.

Being able to hold a published piece of my work in this form is such a treat, and I thank the BAAO guys for letting me design lovely artwork for them. You can pick up a copy here at inVogue Records.

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