Wednesday Wardrobe – Grey Skies

My friend Danielle has finally convinced me into Lookbook. I started an account before, but of course the only outfits I ever posted were Halloween costumes. Despite being a photographer, I rarely get in front of the camera unless I’m being weird or covered in fake blood, and I don’t consider myself to be a model by any means. Alas, here I am, posting a slew of normal photos of my wardrobe like a normal girl. Deal with it.

I realized a while ago that I stopped doing things I enjoy because I started fearing what people would think about me. Taking pictures of myself being one of those things. From here on out I’m going to start doing what makes me happy again, and so long as I have the support of the few close people who matter, no other nonconstructive opinions or fears of being ridiculed will drag me down. Posting a weekly outfit (“Wednesday Wardrobe”) on this blog will be just one of the few changes I’ll be making around here as a step towards reclaiming my joy. I hope my lady followers can enjoy these posts too — I know I personally love browsing outfits online to inspire my own creativity in the closet — and that they potentially inspire you to get out and embrace doing what you love even if it might feel a bit silly.

Anyways! Not sure what to write about this outfit. I’m still new to this whole thing, so for now I’ll just leave the details at the bottom. Follow me on Lookbook if you’re on there!

About This Wednesday Wardrobe Look:
Black Fedora – Forever 21
Corest Body Suit by Silence & Noise – UO
Pleated Chiffon Skirt by Sparkle & Fade – UO
Belt – thrifted
Black Litas – Jeffrey Campbell

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