Wednesday Wardrobe – Honey Mustard

Can I just brag again about how awesome I am at finding deals? This crop top (which I featured here before) was only $5 at H&M, with a $5 beanie from Forever 21, and $10 corduroys I scored at Urban Outfitters during one of their “additional 30% off sale items” sales. These boots were not a bad deal either thanks to Target. Their shoe department is rather hit or miss, but when you hit, you strike gold. I’m guilty of wearing these boots at least five days out of the week (if you can’t tell by how worn down they are this photo). I love ’em so much I even bought a second pair — those are kept tucked away for nicer occasions so I don’t have to wear my scuffed ones. Anyways, enough blathering about my thriftiness. If you don’t have a pair of cords in your closet, get some! They’re the perfect piece to freshen up a wardrobe drowning in denim and jeggings. Throw in a pop of color with a bright beanie and you’ve got yourself a comfy yet eye-catching outfit with just a few basics.

On an unrelated note, my hair totally doubles as a scarf when it’s cold out.

Copy Cat: 1// BDG Corduroys – Urban Outfitters 2// Compass Necklace – Love Nail Tree 3// Mossimo Cognac Western Boot – Target 4// Crop Tee – H&M 5// Bangles – Forever 21 6// Mustard Knit Beanie – Forever 21

I’m going to be trying out something new with my wardrobe posts and creating these little style boards for each outfit, listing either exactly where the items can be found or where you can find something similar. I’ll try to keep all my references as inexpensive as possible for those like myself who shop on a budget. I’d love to hear if this is helpful for anyone!

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