22 Before 23

Today is my birthday! I can’t believe I’m 22. It feels like I’ve been 21 going on 25 this whole year. It’s strange only a measly year has passed, yet I’ve grown exponentially and experienced so much in such a short period of time. If 21 was this fruitful, I can’t wait to see what 22 has in store for me! Like all bloggers must do, I’ve created a list of 22 things I’d like to accomplish before I turn 23. Here’s to another year of growth and adventures!

✔ 01. Explore New York.

Doing this next month! Zach, Dave, and I are taking another spontaneous trip, and this time to the Big Apple. So excited for the escapades that await us!

02. Finally finish decorating my room.

I’ve lived in my place for almost half our lease now and I still haven’t finished constructing my ideal space. Stacks of old frames and curios just propped up on the floor waiting to be hung up.

03. Take a belly dancing class.

The amount of times I’ve planned on doing this but ended up psyching myself out is kind of ridiculous. This will finally be the year I work up the courage (hopefully)!

04. Read all the remaining books on my current booklist.

Only 9 to go! Recommend some more?

✔ 05. Learn to go places on my own.

I’m an introverted type and thrive on time spent alone. But my alone time usually means I’m cooped up in my house working. When it comes to going out, I always require a chaperone (i.e. Dave). This year I want to get comfortable getting outside my bedroom walls on my own.

✔ 06. Learn how to thread the dang sewing machine.

And make my Comic Con costume this year without mom’s help.

✔ 07. Take a trip to the Redwoods or Yosemite.

I think for as long as we’ve been together, Dave has been talking about us taking a mini camping trip. I wanna just grab a tent, get in the car, and stay the night in the woods one of these days.

08. Complete two new charcoal drawings.

There’s nothing more therapeutic for me than getting my hands dirty with art.

09. Taxidermy a mouse.

What else can I say? I’ve been meaning to try my hand at a little taxidermy.

10. Drive out to the Salton Sea.

Again, another trip we’ve been talking about doing forever. Would love to get some shots of all the abandoned structures.

✔ 11. Go to the Rose Bowl flea market

As a flea market vulture and thrifting queen, I’m ashamed to say I have not yet been to one of the biggest flea market events on the West Best Coast.

✔ 12. Keep growing my blog & meet other bloggers.

After my post this last Monday, I’m really encouraged to keep going with this blog. I also want to connect with other bloggers IRL. Lindsey (from C2C Challenge), Dani, and I were brainstorming creating a meet-up group for lady bloggers in San Diego. Maybe that dream can come to fruition this year.

✔ 13. Let Dave teach me how to play drums.

And not just grab my hands to make me hit the right beats.

14. Visit the Winchester Mystery House and go ghost hunting.

Particularly on their Friday the 13th flashlight tour.

15. Make drawings for all of my friends for their birthdays.

I used to do this, but got lazy for a while, so there’s still a few friends who haven’t gotten a drawing from me yet (sorry!).

16. Maybe finally go in the ocean this summer.

I’m terribly afraid of open water. I’m such a pathetic Californian, I can’t remember the last time I stepped foot in the water at the beach. I’d love to overcome my fear and have an all out play day in the waves like I did as a kid.

✔ 17. Get involved with my girls’ group at church.

I’ve met such an awesome group of people at this new church I’ve been doing to, and I’d like to keep getting further connected.

✔ 18. Make a fancy homecooked meal at least once a month.

I’m talking main course, side dishes, dessert and all.

✔ 19. Get a new tattoo.

I want a Goudy Old Style Italic ampersand on my wrist. Cliché, I know. But I want to treat myself for all the hardwork I’ve put forth this year towards getting my BA.

✔ 20. Invite new people to hang out.

I’ve been making so many new friends lately in different groups, I think it’d be fun to start melding my groups and introducing old friends to new ones.

✔ 21. Go Raw!

Well not entirely. My sister and I just got a few raw food cookbooks and are going to try to start incorporating raw into our diets. Let’s see how long this lasts. Did paleo instead!

✔ 22. Get engaged…

(!) The moment everyone’s been waiting for.

19 comments on “22 Before 23

  1. That’s a pretty awesome list :)
    I don’t know what kind of books you like but if you’re into novels then I suggest:
    Looking for Alaska (John Green)
    Neverwhere (Neil Gaiman)
    Oryx & Crake (Margaret Atwood)
    Water for Elephants (Sarah Gruen)
    Lightning (Dean Koontz)

    • Awesome! Thanks for the recommendations. :) I’m definitely wanting to check out more books by Neil Gaiman. Coraline was my absolute favorite book when I was younger, but I haven’t picked up anything of his since.

  2. Happy Birthday to you!! 22 is a beautiful age. Best of luck on your goals, they’re great!

    I struggle with the thread on my sewing machine, too (it may as well be rocket science). Also, I’m jealous that you’re going to Comic Con!! ::shakes fist in air:: Someday I will attend in full costume!

    • I’m convinced you have to recite some sort of spell before being able to properly thread the machine.

      Comic Con is great! I’ve gone the last two years, but it keeps getting busier and busier. Badges were ridiculously difficult to get this last time. Thank goodness I had priority registration!

  3. First off Happy Birthday!!
    Second you should do a book review post, id love to see what youve been reading!
    and if you do start a taxidermy project keep us updated! Id love to start one myself but im not sure exactly how to go about doing it.

  4. Happy birthday! This is a great list. I’m pretty introverted myself, but I’ve gotten used to going places by myself. I actually love going out to breakfast or lunch by myself, but I always have to bring a book with me. :)

    • I seriously don’t even like to go grocery shopping by myself. But I actually just got a membership to the San Diego zoo since it’s right by my house, and I’m going to start taking small day trips on my own to sit and watch animals by myself, haha.

  5. Happy birthday! This is such an awesome list! I can completely relate to number 5! Haha
    Number 7 sounds amazing as well. I’d absolutely LOVE to visit Yosemite – I’ve wanted to for ages! But I live in Australia, so it’d be a bit of travel! Number 22 is also incredibly exciting! ;)

  6. Happy Birthday! That’s a really interesting list. I love the stuff about drawing for all your friends. I used to do lots but since getting a job and doing other things I never find time for sketching anymore.

  7. 2, 5, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20. Right on. We do seem to have a lot of the same phobias. And here I am hitting 30 at the end of the month, still having problems with those ones. Dude, where did the time go?

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