A Personal Update

Blogging is hard. The hardest part for me right now is embracing who I am, building relationships with similar creatives, and trying not to compare myself against the masses. I look at all these successful and mildly popular blogs, and observe the types of content they post and what gets the best response. They all shares outfits, and recipes, and diy crafts, and new mommy tips and people just eat it up. Clearly I’m a little bit different than the typical lifestyle blogger. Although I enjoy marching to the beat of my own drum, not having fellow bloggers with similar tastes to commune with becomes discouraging (there are lots of oddity related Tumblr-ers, but few in the larger blogosphere). That’s why I was so thrilled when I discovered Kaylah’s blog, The Dainty Squid. Finally I had found another thrifting fashionista with an affinity for bones and other strange tidbits! But my quest for other eccentric bloggers pretty much ended there. I don’t know. Is it possible to run a successful blog centered on odd art and interests? Or would people rather follow yet another blog that reposts pictures of other people’s homes and recipes for gluten-free cupcakes?

I don’t mean to gripe. I love sharing my interests and current projects with the Internet world, but it’s difficult to keep motivated when I’m unsure whether or not there’s an audience here for my type of blog. I’d love to say I simply do this because I enjoy it, but between already full-time freelancing and full-time schooling, blogging needs to be more than just enjoyable. My hope is that I can connect with other bloggers like me, continue to post regular content that I know my audience enjoys, and see this little site of mine flourish. Every bloggers dream, right?

Well maybe you can help me. Recommend some other blogs to me! If you’ve got a blog that you think I’d enjoy, share it with me! Even if you don’t blog but you still like the stuff I post, let me know! There’s nothing more bummer than spending time concocting an original post and hearing the proverbial crickets in response. I wanna hear your thoughts and I wanna know if you like / don’t like what you see! Maybe some people just blog for themselves, but my intentions are to blog for entertainment and inspiration for other people. So chime in!

As always, I’m incredibly thankful for the few followers my blog does have and those that frequently give me feedback. You encourage me every day.

ps. In case you’re wondering what’s up with the accompanying photos, this is my workspace from which I currently write this post.

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  1. I’d like to start out by saying that your blog is like a breath of fresh air in an increasingly stale blog environment. I added you to my list of must-read blogs because you definitely offer something not many others do: your interests aren’t (forgive the term) “mainstream” or typical, your photography is beautiful and impeccable, AND you also happen to have outfit posts (which I believe will always be popular).

    It’s always nice to have comments on a post (I just started a blog and got my first comment today- it made me so happy), but sometimes I look at widely popular blogs that have 262 comments on a single post, and 90% of the comments are ‘so cute’ or ‘love the dress’, which while nice to hear aren’t particularly engaging. I think what you will build here on your blog will be a much, MUCH more engaging environment for those of us whose interests run towards the “weird” or eccentric. Keep it up! :)

    As for similar blogs, I’ve not found any quite like what you and Kaylah have created. I follow @sideshowmonkey on Instagram, but he doesn’t have a blog as far as I can tell. If I stumble on a cool blog, I’ll let you know!


    • Well thank you very much! I really appreciate hearing the feedback. I definitely agree with you about the comment thing too. I’ve never wanted a blog that got tons of comments just for the sake of the number. I started this blog because I wanted a better way for me to engage with my readers through meaningful comments. I just wish my followers would speak up more often! haha.

      I follow @sideshowmonkey on Instagram as well, along with a bunch of other curiosity collectors. Unfortunately none of them run blogs. So the hunt continues! Definitely do share if you happen to stumble upon any!

  2. I enjoy the content that you post! I have a fascination with the odd and its refreshing to actually see similar taste. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy some outfit posts here and there but I am pretty sick of seeing the same blog over and over again, just with a different title. The dainty squid is a lovely blog my fav posts are when she posts things about her life and the things she finds and collects, I’m sure not everyone loves her teeth collection but then again I’m not particularly fond of her nail posts. Don’t be discouraged, everyone likes something different just post what you feel is right and you will gain a fandom! :D

    • Thanks for the encouragement! :) I’m definitely trying to just get comfortable with the idea of simply posting what I like and letting the rest follow. The problem is that I know in order to grow my blog outside of those that already like my stuff, I need to connect with other people in the blogosphere, and I guess that’s fairly difficult when there’s not many other blogs like mine out there! I’ve attempted plugging into the more mainstream blog world, but it’s sort of counterproductive since, like you said about Kaylah’s, many of those people probably won’t like my weird posts. It’s hard to promote my blog when I don’t know where my key audience is hiding out.

  3. “Proverbial Crickets” is the worst. I really enjoy your blog (I started following recently.) While my blog is a little on the “cutesy” side (I knit dolls…) I enjoy reading something different. Your collections, photography etc… are all breath taking! I too follow Kaylah at the Dainty Squid and was excited when she started posting collections of teeth, taking cemetary photos, and posting interesting books! Everyone is unique and should play to their strenghts and their personal interests. No one should feel weird because their hobbies/interests aren’t mainstream. The same blog over and over again is boring!

  4. I didn’t even realize you HAD a blog.
    I found you on tumblr and follow you there.
    tumblr (and pinterest) for me are less social. I go for the eyecandy. not so much the words.
    sadly, fringe or bleeding edge blogs seem to be getting sucked up by the pretty in pink mommie bloggers at a frightening rate.

    but. rest assured dear one, you are not alone. :)

    here are some kindred spirits:
    Alicia Caudle: http://alteredbits.wordpress.com
    Penny Neill: http://sparrowsalvage.blogspot.com
    Robyn Gordon: http://www.artpropelled.blogspot.com
    Maria Rios: http://fancifuldevices.blogspot.com
    Steph: http://vladthebatsattic.com/
    Michael deMeng: http://www.michaeldemeng.blogspot.com

    • AWEsome! Thanks so much for the recommendations! :D

      Ha, as much as I promote my blog posts on my Tumblr, I think a lot of my Tumblr followers are also still in the dark about my blog’s existence. Most are just looking for the eyecandy, like you said. But Tumblr’s lack of social connection is the reason I decided to start a blog in the first place. I wanted a better way to communicate with my followers (answering “asks” just feels so self-important to me) and share more than just a pretty picture.

  5. Corrine you are very much different from the popular bloggers, that seem to be taking over the Internet as we know it. However, that isn’t a bad thing whatsoever. You are inspiring, and that’s what I look for in a blog to read with my morning coffee or tea. For example, I viewed collecting bones or dead butterflies as something scary, or weird (in a closed-minded way). Now I find myself collecting skull candles, and I’m on the hunt for a deer’s head. Because you have inspired me to learn something new. You always have even back when you had a MySpace. That’s when I decided to study photography, and take a risk at shooting hardcore bands live. I may not be a great as you, but it makes me happy to say at least I’ve tried you know? And that would have never happened without you being so different. I say continue your blog the way it is. I love how personal it truly is, and I hope to turn mine around to be this personal one day. It’s lovely Corrine. Don’t feel so down.

    • I’m really glad to hear I opened your world a bit to the strange and unusual. ;) And inspired you in a few other aspects as well. Inspiring people has always been my biggest goal ever since stepping foot into the Internet world, so it’s incredibly encouraging to hear I’ve succeeding in impacting at least one person’s life and creative endeavors.

  6. Well I’m not very good at encouraging people and stuff, but I want you to know that I’m in love with what you’re doing. You’re comforting me in following my “dream” to become a freelance artist – and I hope someday I’ll be as talented as you are. When I found your tumblr months ago, I started my own curiosities collection! Keep up the good work, I always enjoy your posts. :)
    (My english may suck, so I apologize if there’re any mistakes.)

  7. I wholeheartedly agree with Kelly’s comment above. I’ve been following you since 2005 and it almost feels like I know you through your blog posts. I love all of your curios and interests and honestly if I could find curios to collect in my area I would start but it’s impossible. We don’t have thrift stores, flea markets and a variety of wildlife here to scavenge. I could star building a collection of thing’s from eBay but that diminishes from the real experience in my opinion.

    Don’t stop doing what you love.

    • Curios are everywhere! They don’t always have to be animal remains or antiques. They can be anything that inspires or intrigues you in your environment. When I was a kid, I used to pick up interesting rocks or acorn tops I found at school and keep them in a wooden box. Find inspiration in your own everyday world. :)

  8. I really love your blog so much – I only just found you after Kaylah from the Dainty Squid mentioned you and I fell in love right away. You are an eclectic individual and I really adore your style. x

    <3 Melissa

  9. your blog is completely amazing and I fell in love right away. I love bloggers that inspire me by introducing a new subject. You have inspired me to look into taxidermy! Your photography and art is amazing and beautiful. I love your writing style too. On my own blog I try to feature my favorite subject, astronomy, occasionally. I have not featured oddities or taxidermy, and I don’t know of any other bloggers who do, but I totally love what you blog about and your blogging style!

  10. Your audience seems to be as wide and vast as your own interests. If you take the time to think about all the things you post about, it’s quite a lot. You cover what you’re doing in your life, your photography, school, work, inspirations, fashion, movies, and various odds and ends. The great part about the diversity here is that a lot of it ties together and allows us to have a deeper understanding of you.

    I’m a 23 year old male in school for design, and our styles aren’t similar by any means, yet I find you so inspiring and motivational. I really enjoy all that you do here, even if it isn’t my cup of tea (fashion posts), because it makes it much more personable than mindlessly scrolling through pinterest.

    Just one question for you: You’ve often posted over the years, and especially since you started blogging, that you want to have a connection with other creatives. Well, what kind of connection are you looking for? To collaborate, share experiences, become inspired, network, or something different?

    You’re extremely talented and an interesting person to follow. Keep doing what you’re doing and the rest will come, as that horrible saying goes, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, or something like that.

    • I really appreciate your feedback! I’ve often wondered if all the various things I post about make it confusing for my audience to connect with me and understand what it is I actually do. But it seems most my readers actually enjoy the diversity. So that’s good to know! :)

      To answer your question: All of the above! Back in the day when I used to design t-shirts at Threadless, there was a really active community of creatives in the messageboards. We all critiqued each others work, shared random musings in the forums, and got to know more about the people behind the submissions. It was a great way to network, get inspired, and grow as artists. For a while, there was also a photographer social site started by the Forty Sixty guys, and it brought a lot of photogs together, where we could share our work and get feedback and if you posted a question or topic of discussion in the messageboards, you’d be sure to get a response from a large majority of the community. Nowadays, that sort of community among creatives is kind of lacking. I blame it on what I like to call the “Like” Button Syndrome. Before people could just “like” something on Facebook, they actually commented on things and verbalized their appreciation and feedback. I want that sort of connection again where we can share ideas, encourage growth, and develop relationships with other creatives.

  11. It’s hard to express exactly how much I can relate to your sentiments about blogging. I do enjoy the odd out of the norm musings of others, and it is also something I keep making attempts at doing myself, though I never really feel my writing skills or personal musings are worth posting in the end. I have tried to just bite the bullet and go with it, but I’m never satisfied. I’ve written and re-written first posts, but just don’t know where to begin or my direction. Any good tips for getting a decent blog started?

    Though I have only just discovered it, I like your approach thus far. I agree that it should be about connecting inspiring, and motivating one another, so keep up the good and interesting posts. Prost!

    • Overcoming issues of self-doubt and worth are a major part of developing your voice as a blogger. If you’re consuming most of your energy worrying about whether or not your posts are “worth” posting, you’ll never post anything. Doubt will always find a way to creep in if you let it and convince you not to do anything. Just write for yourself, write what you enjoy, and write with passion. If you’re passionate about what you’re talking about, people will enjoy that more than if it seems like you’re trying to impress them.

  12. I’m so happy that I stumbled across your blog a few weeks back. I’m getting so tired of the same old fashion blogs and it’s so exciting to see some content that’s different and sparks new ideas for myself. Keep doing what you do. I’m can’t imagine how difficult it is to work and school full time and try to keep up a blog, but just know you have readers that will stick with you through any lulls.

  13. I just found your blog recently and think it’s outstanding. The more unusual aspects set you apart, which is an awesome thing. I can’t tell you how many blogs I see that just blend together and could be totally interchangeable. To see a blog that doesn’t do that is a rare and wonderful thing. Keep up the good work!

  14. I’ve been following your blog since you started it, and I guess that that in itself speaks for itself! I genuinely look forward your new posts! I really love what you’re posting at the moment! I love that you’ve got a mixture of everything, but all in your unique style. Being a photographer myself, I’m a MASSIVE massive fan of your photography work as well!

    One thing that I would love to see more of though, is personal posts! It may sound a bit creepy (but I definitely don’t mean to be creepy! haha), but I find it so incredibly interesting peaking into the lives of awesome people like you! This blog post with this images are a perfect example of what I’d love to see more of! :)

    • I really do want to start incorporating more personal posts. Believe it or not, those seem to be the ones that take the most time for me to create, so that’s why I haven’t made many thus far. But I do want to start making posts about my personal collections and the stories behind them; talk about some of my daily routines and even ways I run my business; and also share more photos from personal adventures.

      Thanks for being an avid reader Shannaya! I really appreciate it! :)

  15. I seriously look at your blog and Tumblr every day. You’ve been holding my interest since the Myspace days, hahah. You inspire me to be myself and embrace what I love. :) Keep up the excellent work, Corrine!

  16. Blogs like yours are like a breath of fresh air and that’s a wonderful thing. I follow you very recently, but your blog attracted me right away.
    Your photography & art are wonderful and quite appealing.
    As a fellow art lover, graphic designer and artist, I understand that need of feedback. But as reader I also fail miserably of giving proper feedback or sometimes even feedback at all.
    But one thing I’m sure, It’s far better and important that we communicate and share what we do as we are, instead of creating a persona to please or to reach more people. It’s better to have a couple of comments with proper feedback, than have twenty saying cute or something similar.
    Keep it up! :)

    • Definitely agree! I’m really happy with the quality comments this post has received and I really hope these meaningful types of responses continue so I can keep developing connections with my readers. I think blogs that just get tons of “Cute!” comments start to distance the blogger from their readers and takes away the personal aspect of the blog.

  17. I can relate so much, and for this reason I haven’t been blogging much at all. I have a much more “alternative” list of interests that don’t seem to fit so nicely into the bloggy world. I like to collect dead things and photograph spiders, which hardly fits into the fluffy cupcakes and babies blogger population.
    Regardless, I adore your blog. It’s inspiring to see an authentic voice, no matter how strange the content may seem in comparison to the norm.

    • I’d like to encourage you the same way everyone has for me here by saying, don’t give up on what you want to blog about just because fit in with the norm. My boyfriend’s mom gave me an inspiring word the other day that really encouraged me to keep going. She said, “The hard part about forging a different path is that sometimes you go it alone. Being truly creative can be a lonely path. However, the reward is that you know you are being true to yourself and your creative vision.” Hope that helps you like it helped me! :)

  18. I don’t think you should change a thing about your blog that doesn’t describe who you are. Keep doing what you’re doing. Obviously I’m not the only one who enjoys coming back to see what interesting and unique things you talk about. I’m somewhat of a photographer myself and enjoys drawing as well, so I love seeing anything on your blog relating to that. Or any post related to any type of art. As far as your oddity related blogs, I really enjoy seeing those as well. Though I am not into the same hobby of bone collecting and taxidermy, I do like seeing your insight on it and it gives me some knowledge on the subject.
    Overall, I love your blog. Again it is unique and original. There isn’t much of that out there anymore. You bring a good yet ‘strange’ light to the blogging world.

  19. I find yours blog very interesting :) Not many bloggers are actually interested in skull or taxidermy (just as an example) and post that type of stuff. Which is quite sad because I really enjoy it.
    Keep up on blogging since it’s very inspiring!
    Take care lovely!~

  20. I think all of these comments are reasons not to be discouraged. Obviously that is hard sometimes, but the content of your blog differs so much from others and -like others have said- it’s a breath of fresh air. The comments your blog receives must be much more rewarding than complimenting a factory made dress. Your posts constantly inspire me and remind me to finally do something about my interest in taxidermy. They make me want to get my sketchbook out. Most other blogs leave me feeling kind of sorry for myself- I don’t have bright hair or awesome expensive dresses or tons of pretty kitties laying around the house. And I DEFINITELY cannot bake macarons. Damn.

    Anyway, what I mean to say is keep being you. Keep blogging about whatever you want to blog about because it works so well for you. You’re freaking 21 and it amazes me how talented and successful you are, how many interests and dreams you have. <3

    • These comments have definitely been encouraging! I don’t think I’ve ever received this big of a response on any of my posts, haha. It’s really nice to know that what I’m doing is inspiring people to explore outside of their usual interests. Ha, and I definitely know what you mean about some blogs making you feel bad about yourself (interior design blogs in particular — why can’t my place be that awesome?!).

      Thanks so much for your comment. It was some much needed encouragement.

  21. Alas, how I can relate to this. I only started blogging recently and it’s been strange scouring the internet trying to find like-minded souls. I just found your blog and consider myself fortunate. I very much look forward to reading more of your posts. Finally! A “lifestyle” blog I can actually relate to!

    P.S. Your collection (or at least what I can see of it around your workspace) is fantastic!

  22. I totally understand what you mean, but I’ve been sort of waiting for when your blog gets ‘discovered’ so to speak, since I don’t doubt that it will find its appropriate niche on the internet soon. All of your posts are extremely high quality! The photos are always stunning and your blogging ‘voice’ is very open and friendly :) And — you respond to comments :) That’s seriously a big thing that bloggers don’t always do.

    I noticed two things really help for finding a niche online – you probably already do them, but here they are just in case :) For one, guest blogging helps a ton. Have other bloggers to write a post for your site in exchange for you writing a post for their site. This definitely builds the sort of community feeling you’ve been talking about. Another helpful thing would be to find blogs that fit the same niche as you, and try to connect with them as much as possible. Leave comments; their followers will often click through the comments and stumble across your blog from there. Go through the followers list and find other artists who are generating content you like. Comment and follow, interact. Repeat often haha. I ran a small blog for a little while and I felt like I had a little community of blogger friends I’d found through doing that :)

    Definitely don’t be discouraged though! Your blog is beautiful! :) ♥

    • Ha, that makes two of us! I’ve been waiting for my blog to get “discovered” but I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not just going to blow up over night. I’ve only been running this thing for a few months, so instead of waiting, I just need to keep plowing away and my hard work will eventually pay off.

      Those tips are great! They’re things I’ve been trying to do, but for the reasons mentioned in this post, I’ve been getting discouraged by the lack of results. Like I said, it’s difficult to connect with other bloggers or readers when I can’t seem to find where the ones with similar interests are hanging out. I guess I just gotta keep digging!

      All these comments have been super uplifting though and I’ve been reignited with a new burst of enthusiasm about blogging. :)

  23. Please just keep doing what you are doing. It is interesting and quality, which is something other blog’s content suffers with over time as they get more followers and follow blogging trends. Over the years i have followed so many blogs and they all have started to look the same and sound the same. BORINNGGGG! Your blog is interesting and i guarantee there are way more people interested in those odd and creepy collections than you may believe. But it is your blog, so you do what you want. :) But please don’t change your content just to gain followers. :)

    • I’m coming to find that there are in fact a lot of people interested in the same odds and ends (I accredit it to the popularity of the show Oddities and that skulls and antlers have become a mainstream accessory in nearly every designer home). Don’t worry about me changing my content to gain followers! I’m just as bored as you are with the repetitiveness of other blogs and would hate to fall into that same pattern. Plus, it would be boring for me to even write those types of posts!

  24. I am right there with you on not finding people with similar tastes in the blogosphere (although Kaylah is one of my favorites!) I don’t have many oddities right now, but that’s mostly because I’m completely broke until my husband finishes school.

    My problem is that so many DIY lifestyle bloggers and very cutesy and very, well, traditional. So many damned chevron patterns, you know? Here I am a super queer, incredibly geeky agnostic 30-something with an affinity for straight razors and other sharp things, married to a heteroflexible Pagan husband in a blended family, working on a family of our own, and…there’s just no one like that out there. Not that I have found, anyway.

    It can be lonely being a weirdo, but what I have found is that there are a lot of people that overlap PARTS of my venn diagram, and all together we make a pretty neat community. And I have found my way to being okay with that.

    I’m pretty glad I came across you, though. ;)

    • The overlap is definitely what I’m starting to appreciate. I’m not going to find anyone that is exactly like me, but I can appreciate finding others with some similar interests who might also be into things I’m not, but can at least introduce me to something new.

  25. I love what you are doing with your blog. It’s hard to find creative blogs that are different. Because most blogs I go on look the same and post the same things. It makes them blend into one giant blog and thats never a good thing. But with your blog I know that you will post unique things. Not only with your own work but with your posts about your inspirations and favorite things.

  26. I also really enjoy what you’re doing with your blog, and totally understand where you’re coming from. My tastes, interests, and philosophies on life are sooo far from what I see on the vast majority of blogs that I encounter that I can’t help but be slightly stressed out about it in my own blogging, and even my own life. For example, I’m in the process of decorating my (tiny) home right now and while looking for inspiration all I ever come across these days seems to be white walls with turquoise decorations. I -hate- white walls, and am much more inspired by dark walled Victorian style decor than anything, and constantly have to remind myself that it’s okay to not follow the blogosphere trends when decorating my own dang home even if I do plan to blog about it eventually. I absolutely love the quirkier, interesting, and artistic things you post about here, and it’s inspiring and motivating to see someone who is doing their own thing. Not to mention I have gotten so many ideas in the short time I’ve followed you posts for cool things to incorporate in my life! So yeah, thank you for that, and for being another awesome weirdo.

  27. I love your blog, I love that it’s different and I think you’re definitely right – there’s enough of the other stuff going on out there! I think as long as you’re happy with what you’re doing then you should keep going along with it. I like to blog because it’s going to be something great to look back on when I can’t exactly remember (and for that reason I hope I can do it forever). I will definitely miss you if you decide that you don’t want to do it anymore, so please stay! x

  28. I am right there with all of your sentiments. I work full time and take care of a home (no kids, thankfully), but maintaining two blogs can be such a … trial … sometimes. I love doing it, but I get what you’re saying about finding other similar sites! It really does seem like most lifestyle sites are nothing but “look what I’m wearing today!”, and less than interesting craft projects. I love outfit posts but not the redundancy of them, and I’m equally as tired of the same old-same old as you.

    Please do share if you find some new and awesome blogs to follow!

    • Your blogs are also another few I was extremely happy to find in the blogosphere. So please do keep up with Haute Macabre, cuz I don’t know what I’d do without my source for gothy fashion inspiration! I’ll definitely share if I find a few others.

  29. Well I know this was a few days ago and I have literally just discovered your blog this week and read some recent posts but I want to chime in as well.
    Firstly, being different actually gives you something special, a reason for people to pass your link on and to stay around.
    And it clearly works! Cause the Dainty Squid has thousands of followers! I am sure you should stick with it and do what feels right for you.

    I write a blog that is a mixture of posts about my toy collection and posts about my outfits. Sometimes I do posts about feminism. It is true that overwhelmingly I get more comments and hits on outfit posts. But I stick with doing the toy posts and I have noticed them getting more interest slowly and steadily. People are getting used to them. I really did think of dropping them but I want the blog to be me. I think authenticity is key and I also think that a small but loyal following is special. I don’t have many followers but I feel like I know the people who read my stuff pretty well now. I found a fashion blog yesterday that had 405 comments on a post! That seemed too many to connect and they were all just ‘wow, great photos’ (and they really were great – I wanted to say so too, but I felt the community was lost).

    Oh and on similar tastes I have yet to find one single other blogger who likes Lego and fashion! If you do, please point them my way! :)

  30. I’m just catching up on my feedreader now so I’m a bit behind – but I definitely always look forward to your posts. I’m more of a lurker than a commenter with the blogs I read since I always feel hesitant to chime in if I don’t have something constructive to add, but I find a lot of inspiration in the things you share. I’m a big fan of natural light photography and am working on increasing my own skills, and nature’s always been near and dear to my heart so checking out your work and the work of others you share is a great motivation post. I’m especially digging your Midweek Muse posts!

    I also always just appreciate finding something different, since I think you’re spot-on with a lot of what’s popular in the blogosphere right now. I run a Tumblr right now, but now that I’ve graduated and have scads more free time, I’m hoping to start a “proper blog” myself. My interests are really varied and I was nervous that would be a setback, but I think staying true to what you’re interested in is also likely to cultivate a more involved following.

  31. Hey Corinne, just want to let you know that you are not the only one who loves loves loves taxidermy and all things “weird” to the norm. Although I am not officially blogging every day like I would like, you can always get introduced to my blog at beautesombre.blogspot.com. The top of the banner where the cat is, is placed in memory of my deceased cat Spike. I’ll be posting back-dated since I where I left off in January just to make sure I have all of my memories saved for future reference, but if you are interested…you can always follow my blog!

    P.S. I understand what you mean by more bloggers needing to be out-of-the-norm to make others feel at home without all the “mommy” blogs and I so LOVE The Dainty Squid for that! :]

    P.S.S. Do you love cats? Check out the C.L.A.W.S. section for more information.

  32. “Is it possible to run a successful blog centered on odd art and interests?”

    Well I do hope so, because that’s (kind of) my goal as well. Though it should get better in the summer when university and internships and everything come to an end and I can go back to actually working on projects. Starting a blog in January wasn’t the brightest of ideas for me. Oh well. We’ll see.

    I love your blog, by the way! I used to be a fan of your work… at least a couple of years ago, and then I lost track, and then yesterday I re-found you by accident through Tumblr. Keep it up! :D


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