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I acquired an assortment of new curiosities to add to my collection this weekend! My birthday was great and I couldn’t have asked for more. Dave surprised me by creeping into my room at 8AM with a handful of gifts. He’s not a morning person at all, and lives a good 40 minutes away from me (not including San Diego traffic), so the fact that he headed out that early just to wake me was a gift in itself. After breakfast, he took me to an antique mall in Escondido where I incidentally found two pieces I’ve been on an endless hunt for: an affordable glass dome and a convex frame. The frame came with a vintage dried flower Valentine inside. I contemplated removing it, but I think it’s rather charming. The glass dome housed a creepy doll with fluttering eyes, but I took that out (hid it somewhere in the house) and replaced it with my springbok horn and some baby’s breath.

Next we headed to my parents’ house where my mom had this lovely bust form waiting for me and a pair of antique Le Fils Paris opera glasses from the 1890s that she got at an antique store in Florida. The Mother of Pearl embellishments that usually adorn the body of these things has since fallen off or been removed (as you can see by the glue residue on the brass), but the eyepieces and adjustment wheel are still in tact. Also, it came with its original case, which I love, since the little snap has a small engraving of a bee. I’d love to do a Victorian style shoot with these pieces. :)

That’s all for now! I’m thinking I’ll start doing these types of features more often and show some of the other items I have in my collection along with their stories. In the mean time, show me / tell me about your collections!

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  1. These are stunning! You’re so lucky to have people in your life who get your interest in your curiosities! Affordable glass domes are so hard to find as well, so congrats on that find! :)

    Most of my collection of interesting things are mostly found by me on my adventures outside. Such as my deer antler (which was a bit an awesome find seeing as deer in Australia, and particularly where I live, aren’t very common and you hardly ever get to see one!), as well as various skulls (kangaroos, wombats, cows, etc), a tiny mouse skeleton, a few little birds nests (which I found on the ground – I’d never kick a bird out of it’s nest! haha), and lots of bugs & butterflies! :)

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