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Since last week’s update about the direction of this blog, I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately to do more personal posts about the tangled web that is my life. I’m not quite sure what about my world you guys would be interested in seeing more of, but I figured I’d open up a mini Q&A session and see where that takes us. Using either the comment section below, Formspring, or Tumblr, send me any questions you have about my art (photography, design, etc), my work (tips for freelancing), my life (fashion, collecting, and so on), and whatever other interesting inquiries you’d like me to answer. To make it even more fun, let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to share photos of as well (my workspace, my favorite piece in my collection, whatever). Then I’ll compile a post with all of this for next week. Looking forward to hearing your questions! :)

6 comments on “Q&A Session

  1. I’d have to many to ask so I really wouldn’t know where to start. I feel like my goals/experiences are slightly parallel to yours (ie design student, creating a freelance business, etc) so I enjoy seeing everything you post and would love to see more personal experiences and lessons you’ve learned a long the way

    I did recently pick up photography so I’d enjoy seeing you do more photography tutorials and hardware suggestions since I’m a rookie and really dig your style of photography =)

  2. I think you art, freelance, and other personal wroks would be interesting to see more of. I am a sucker to see how other artists live and how their processes and workis turing out.

  3. It’s half question and half blog post idea. I have a branding project coming up and some band branding stuff I need to do. You’ve done quite a lot of branding and I was wondering how you finally settle on the brand image and your process in re-branding the company/band? Are you satisfied with the work you do when you finish or do you always have that niggling feeling you could have done better, like most artist/designers do?

    • I’m my own worst critic when it comes to my work. There’s rarely a moment I’m totally 100% happy with a project. But that’s because I’m a perfectionist. Part of being a designer is learning to say a project is done and acknowledging when it successfully conveys your message, even if you still think it could be better.

      When I’m working on branding design for a company or band, I do a lot of consultation back and forth to figure out the style they’re into and what solution will best represent them. I often have them describe what they’re about, use imagery that comes to mind when thinking about their message, and sometimes have them provide examples of other logos they like. I do the best I can to use all of this to create work that satisfies my client while also creating work I can be proud of, but in the end, the final choice is up to the client. When the client is happy, that’s when I decide the project is done. But like I said, the perfectionist in me will always think it could have been better. So I try to take that into my next project and continue to do better and better with each one.

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