Wednesday Wardrobe – Spring on the Horizon

Spring is almost here! I can’t wait to freely wear airy dresses, sandals, and tank tops. The transition from fall into summer is one of my favorites (minus the reveal of pale skin and awkward flabby arms I’ve been hiding under tights and sweaters all winter). It feels like my wardrobe is coming out of hibernation. I can still wear boots and cardigans, but pairing them with a floral dress gives my daily look a fresh blooming spring flair.

Copy Cat: 1// Floral Dress – Modcloth2// Mossimo Cognac Western Boot – Target3// Bangles – Forever 214// Wool Chain Fedora – Forever 215// Mossimo Cognac Western Boot – Target6// Shawl Collar Cardigan – Forever 21

2 comments on “Wednesday Wardrobe – Spring on the Horizon

  1. I think this might be my favorite outfit that I’ve seen on you :) As much as you know my dislike for sunshine, I am looking forward to wearing more summer/spring pieces (especially after seeing the San Diego forecast this week). Also, that hat is seriously one the best investments you’ve ever made ;)

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