Adventures in New York

Back from my little hiatus! And finally sharing photos from my New York trip. Unfortunately we didn’t spend a lot of time taking pictures and pretty epically failed at documenting our adventures. These photos probably only show a quarter of the things we did. Nevertheless, we had a great time!

We stayed in Manhattan (Kips Bay) with our friend Annie Laurie and she took us all over the city. It’s actually a funny story how we met. Last year, when Zach, Dave, and I took our Seattle trip, we struggled to stay out past 9. We were on a mission to hit every speakeasy / hidden cocktail bar in the city so we’d head out at 6 to make sure we could get in. But after about two or so hours of drinking and walking half across the city, we were spent and ready to crash back at our hotel. The lobby had given us an afternight key to use past 12. Determined to use this key at least once during our trip, we desperately tried staying out past midnight on our last night. Again, we pathetically failed and came sulking back into the Ace Hotel around 10. I headed off to the bathroom for just a few minutes and after, came out to find Zach engaged in some deep conversation with this random girl studying in the lobby. Not sure what was going on, Dave and I pulled up chairs and sat in on the conversation. We ended up talking with this girl for two hours. When it struck midnight, we all went out the front door together and finally got to use our overnight key. Annie Laurie happened to be from New York and we just so happened to be planning on going to NYC for our next trip. So we stayed in contact and that’s how we ended up making this amazing friend across the country! Can’t say I’ve ever hit it off so well with a complete stranger. Funny how life happens sometimes.

Anyways, here’s what we did during our trip: got settled in, hung out on the roof of Annie Laurie’s place, got artichoke pizza at Artichoke pizza, went to the High Line, walked around Chelsea Market and Greenwich Village, watched Zach get a hair cut, squirrel whispered in Madison Square Park, saw the Flat Iron, went to Annie Laurie’s friend’s show, enjoyed cocktails at Death & Co, shopped at the Brooklyn Flea Market and chowed some amazing gourmet donuts from Dough (mmm lavender chocolate…), thrift shopped at Atlantis Attic, walked part of the Brooklyn Bridge, met up for brunch at Peels, went to Coney Island, explored the Green-Wood Cemetery, tried burritos at Dos Toros to see if they measured up to California (they didn’t), went to Annie Laurie’s church, got ice cream at Sundaes and Cones, enjoyed more cocktails at Milk & Honey, wandered around Times Square, walked the outside of Central Park, saw the Seinfeld restaurant, marveled at the dioramas at the American Museum of Natural History, ate lunch at Shake Shack, enjoyed even more cocktails at Attaboy, did complementary shots with the bartenders, rode the Staten Island Ferry at 2AM to see the Statue of Liberty, walked through the Frick Collection, and grabbed a bagel loaded with cream cheese at Brooklyn Bagel Company before catching our flight home. Phew! What a jam-packed 5 day vacation.

Also check out our trip according to my iPhone!

12 comments on “Adventures in New York

    • I couldn’t really tell you what part was my favorite, we were seriously ALL over the place, I hardly could keep up with where we were at any given time, haha.

      My feet were killing me the entire trip since we were walking so much every day and I think I hurt my foot towards the beginning of the trip. I was limping every day. So that definitely bothered me.

  1. I love these pictures! I’ve been to New York twice, but I only had two days both times so I’ve never gotten to really explore. And your hair is so gorgeous, I love it! Sounds like you had a great time. <3

  2. That sounds like such an awesome trip. I bet it was a great break from San Diego. I live in a little suburban town at the moment, and every time I go to a big city like San Francisco I’m reminded of how many little worlds there really are out there. Beautiful photos :)

    • Funny thing is, every time I explore a different part of the world, no matter how amazing, I always end up missing San Diego. One of my absolute favorite things in the world is flying back home into San Diego at dark and looking out at all the city lights and being welcomed by the warm night air as we step out of the airport. :)

  3. Great pictures. I miss the city! I went to college on Staten Island, so I rode the SI Ferry at least once a week (I even miss that!). And I’ve been wanting to go to that Dough place (if it’s the one I’m thinking of… do they have vegan donuts?) for a while. I’m enjoying living vicariously through you! :)

    xox Sammi

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