Curious Collection – Butterfly Specimen & Dried Flowers

I have the best friends ever! My girl Danielle found this and put it on hold for me at our favorite antique shop in San Diego. I have an addiction to cased butterfly specimen and snatch them up any time I come across ones at thrift stores, swap meets, and antique malls. Most of my butterflies are in boxed cases, so this lovely convex glass circle frame was a unique addition to my collection. And for only $12! Gotta love a beautiful bargain!

3 comments on “Curious Collection – Butterfly Specimen & Dried Flowers

  1. That is stunning! :O

    How did they fix them in place, I wonder. Glue? String? Wire? Hmm.

    And I have never, once, in my whole life, managed to find butterfly specimens in antique shops. Consider yourself lucky! :) I don’t know. Maybe it’s just not a portuguese thing.

    So a couple of years ago I decided to take matters into my own hands and start my own butterfly collection. Unfortunately, we don’t get that many different species around my place so I guilt-tripped myself into stopping pretty quickly. Removing animals from the ecossystem is already kind of… ethically questionable, but removing them only to keep spares? Nah. I drew the line there.

    But I’m ranting. Have a good day!

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