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Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday, to those who got to spend time with their mommas or their little ones! It was a beautiful day here in San Diego. Blue skies, warm weather, and all. Since I’ve become quite the cook on this paleo diet, I offered to make dinner for the fam. My sister, my mom, and I prepped for a late lunch / early dinner of chipotle chicken stuffed twice-baked sweet potatoes, cilantro lime cauliflower rice, and garlic lemon prawns. So good! My grandparents brought over a big box of old photos and we spent the rest of the day flipping through black and white baby pictures of my mom and uncle, swooning over my grandma’s old dresses, and trying to pry information out of my grandpa from his early days as a Mason.

I’m obsessed with old photos. Even when they’re of people I don’t even know, I’ll happily rummage through a suitcase of vintage family pictures at an antique store. But there’s something really special about being able to peek into the past of your loved ones. It feels like looking through a window into another time where you get to experience their memories and life through their eyes. These photos are especially important to me because my grandpa was a photographer in the navy, and he met my grandma when he was stationed in Taiwan after taking a picture of her. It’s funny to think that I probably wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for photography.

Anyways, just wanted to share some of my favorites. Photos up top are all ones that my grandpa took of my grandma.

Cutting the cake at my grandparent’s wedding. + My absolute favorite photo of my grandma that my grandpa took.

Navy photos of my grandpa. + A group shot of his Mason society.

Look how hip my uncle was! + Can I please have my grandma’s entire outfit in this photo?

Some of my favorite adorable photos of my mom as kid! Why are Asian babies the cutest?

Thanks for letting me share a little piece of my family with you! :) What were some of the most amusing finds you came across when diving through your family’s old photo albums?

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  1. “I’m obsessed with old photos. Even when they’re of people I don’t even know, I’ll happily rummage through a suitcase of vintage family pictures at an antique store.”

    Omg, me too! I once bought a whole photo album of pictures from the same places in Spain that I visited while I was there. The photos were probably from the late 70’s. Loved them!


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  2. Oh man. I was just recently going through old photos of my family and was mostly blown away by how terrible most of them were, haha… Lots and lots of blurry, out of focus, poorly composed photos from the 80s and 90s. Even the ones from the 40-70s are just so-so, certainly not as beautiful as the ones you have here. Lucky girl, having a photographer for a grandpa! And dang is your family attractive! I do love the old bad photos, though. I was scanning them all (I would like to make a nice photo album for my grandmother’s 70th birthday) and I couldn’t help but also scan even the most terribly blurry hard to see photos because they’re still like this fantastic little piece of personal history.

    I do have one super nice shot of my grandmother in the early 70s walking down a hallway at the school she taught at, and she looks freaking gorgeous. It is really fun seeing the people I love when they were my age, since I have such a limited perspective of them based on my own memories it really reminds me that they have this whole past history that I’m only vaguely aware of.

    • Oh believe me, not all my family photos are this great. Just the ones my grandpa took. All the ones in my parents’ stash of photos from when my sister and I were kids are horrible. I just spent an afternoon trying to go through all of them to find ONE nice photo of my mom and I. I had to sift through tons and tons of blurry, indistinguishable, pointless photos just to find a few decent ones, haha.

      Isn’t it crazy to think how much we don’t know about our loved ones’ past lives? Here we think we know them, yet we usually hardly scratch the surface of understanding where they came from and what shaped them into the people they are now. I love looking at old photos for that same reason — to expand my perspective of the people closest to me.

  3. Your grandparents were GORGEOUS human beings. Only a few of our family photos are this great. There are a couple of my mom and dad when they were young, it’s so hard to believe it was really them. My father basically looked like Buddy Holly.

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