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I have become undeniably infatuated with the alluring scents of Madame Scodioli. In a search for Dave’s Valentine’s Day gift, I stumbled upon my greatest Etsy find yet. Since then, I’ve made a number of purchases from the bearded lady and I’ve been thrilled with each and every one.

Madame Scodioli is an artisan of soaps and perfumes, concocting enchanting fragrances reminiscent of the spicy charm of an earlier time where gypsies traveled in incense-infused caravans and circuses elicited a magical excitement in the sweet summer air.

As a graphic designer, I was immediately sold on the clever branding and charming packaging of the Madame’s creations before even smelling them. And I was pleased to find that the fragrances were just as amazing as the imaginative characters described.

First, here’s Dave’s review on his goodies:

Sentinel (Leather) – I purchased a three pack sampler of solid scents and this one knocked my socks off. A rich leather fragrance that taps into memories from my childhood (my dad had a leather bomber jacket he wore all the time). Sentinel is on regular rotation for my daily scents.

Aged Bourbon (Whiskey Of Course) – Sweet and spicy. Whiskey is my spirit of choice, and this take on single barrel bourbon instantly made it a winner in my book. A mix of this and Sentinel make for a complex olfactory experience perfect for a date, or a pick-me-up after a long day of work.

Laudanum (Black Tea & Tobacco) – This scent isn’t as musky as I’d hoped for; I thought the tobacco smell would be a bit more robust. It’s a tad feminine for my taste, but I actually ended up using the open tin as an air freshener in my room and THAT works perfectly.

Fiji Mermaid (The Briny Deep) – I love the scenes the Madame sets for each fragrance. Fiji Mermaid smells exactly as described. A salty breeze of seaweed muddled with musky oak moss and hits of jasmine. My wonderful/foxy girlfriend purchased this scent for me as a shaving soap, and I later bought the accompanying aftershave which soothes and cleanses after a good shave. The fragrance reminds me of our travels along the coast and our dates atop the bluffs overlooking the sea. Definitely another favorite.

Neptunus Rex (Bay Rum) – I really dig the coalescence of rum and the ocean. The shaving soaps that the Madame has imagined into existence are perfect: easy on the skin, easy to lather up (even with a cheap $4 brush I found on eBay), and they leave behind an amazing scent.

When the package of Dave’s soaps came in the mail, I seriously sat on my couch sniffing his bar of Fiji Mermaid for hours. For a moment, I wished I could grow a beard like the Madame’s so I would have a reason to steal this entrancing shaving soap from him. Thankfully there was no need for such desperate thinking once I discovered the solid fragrance pots. I immediately ordered myself a sample set of three:

Gypsy Caravan (Pomegranate & Valencia) – One of my favorites. A rich, sweet scent of oranges and dark pomegranate wine. Captures the essence of the gypsy caravan wandering through the summer night past groves of citrus trees enveloped by the subtle strumming of a mandolin.

Euphorium (Almond, Milk & Honey) – A sugary treat topped with almonds, drizzled honey, and dipped in sweet milk. I imagine being curled up on the vintage couch of my favorite coffee & tea shop, sipping a milky chai latte while the scent of fresh baked goods fills the warm afternoon air.

Elyria (Earl Grey & Lavender) – My absolute favorite of the three. A clean yet hauntingly dark aroma saturated with the deep musk of fresh lavender sprigs and cut with a cool spritz of bergamot, all tangled up in the swirling smoke from a hot cup of earl grey tea. It’s mysteriously feminine without being “girly”. I do believe this fragrance was made for me.

As you can tell, I am under the inescapable spell of Madame Scodioli. I just purchased one of the special reserve bath soaps so we’ll see how that goes. I just want to try every scent, and I may be tempted enough to sample each mesmerizing concoction. Do yourself a favor and peruse the Madame’s Etsy shop for a few tins of these enchanting fragrances and be prepared to get swept away into another world.

All photos are from the Madame Scodioli “Caravan Conjurings” Spring 2013 lookbook

7 comments on “Feature Friday – Madame Scodioli

  1. haha i almost always pick the product with the best packaging. it really is a designer thing.

    and these scents sound a amazing. you did a good job of selling them to me, haha. I may have to go pick up the fiji mermaid one.

    • Hah, the other day I had to convince myself out of an overpriced bottle of hand soap at Target I was going to buy just because of the packaging. Designer eyes are a curse; you can never see anything the same again.

      Read all the descriptions of the fragrances. They’re spot on! I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to try, so I went with the sample pack of three. The tins contain a surprising amount of fragrance and they’re easy to rub on.

  2. I too have often been lured into purchasing a product simply for the packaging and then been sadly disappointed. I had considered purchasing some of the shaving soaps for my husband, and thanks to your review I will definitely do so now! :D

    • That’s happened to me too. But usually if the product is disappointing, I still keep the packaging around for inspiration. :) Not a total waste!

      I can’t personally vouch for the shaving soaps, but my man loves them (he has three)! And I can’t complain about how good he smells from them. ;)

  3. I just stumbled upon this post and now I’m really REALLY tempted to get Elyria, it sounds like something I’d love to wear. (and it’s kind of convenient since I’ve recently run out of perfume…)

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