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I’m so happy to finally present this project I’ve been working on for the last month! :) This was one of those projects I was just not feelin’ until I started to see the finished product come together. It’s definitely a piece I’m now proud to share.

My group partner and I developed a hypothetical reusable gift box for a local beer shop in San Diego called Bottlecraft. Gift boxes are usually thrown out after opening and contribute to a lot of unnecessary waste. To cut down on some of this excess waste, we designed a unique multiuse gift package that takes full advantage of all the materials used. It’s designed to securely hold three bottles that the customer can mix and match from the tasting room’s vast selection of craft brews. Inspired by the creative atmosphere of Bottlecraft, the box then serves two artistic alternate functions to encourage the gift receiver to get crafty. The interior of the box is coated in chalkboard paint and comes with a piece of chalk inside. The gift-giver can write a note here to his/her friend rather than buying a card (which, admit it, would usually get throw out too). The chalkboard can then be used for doodling, writing messages, making grocery lists, and whatever else your creative heart desires. Once the beers have been enjoyed, the bottles can be reused as well and displayed in the tray as vases for holding flowers, candles, or incense.

The atmosphere of Bottlecraft is sophisticated yet warm and inviting with a very handmade feel. Because they’re located in the art gallery district of Little Italy, the owner wanted the store to be simple much like the surrounding galleries, allowing for the beer (the art) to shine. For our design, we wanted to convey that same sense of warmth and simplicity while encouraging the customers to tap into their artistic side. Our materials were limited, so while we initially had wanted to use wood, we opted for chipboard that we would adorn with a stylized woodgrain pattern. Then came the second limitation: we ran out of time to screen print, so I had to hand paint the entire thing. Which we ended up loving the look of anyways, so it worked out! Here are some of the final product photos:

Check out the moodboard for this project I posted earlier!

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  1. This is such a great idea: I try to purchase products that have a reusable element like stationary the comes in boxes I can store papers in or glass jars I can reuse for flowers or pens.

    Your design is just so great since everything about this is reusable, even the messages on the chalkboard can be changed. Great to see sustainable design in action!

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