Wednesday Wardrobe – Pink & Cognac

Guys, I’m wearing pink. What’s happening to me?! Sometimes Nowistyle throws a curve ball my way and sends me something way outside my wardrobe norm. But I’m always up for the challenge! Take more risks with your own outfits. Explore something new, pick a color you’d never imagine yourself wearing, or a cut you haven’t had the guts to try on. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Copy Cat: 1// A-Line Sleeve Top – Nowistyle2// Key Necklace – Forever 213// Cognac Studded Skinny Belt – Forever 214// Mossimo Cognac Western Boot – Target

8 comments on “Wednesday Wardrobe – Pink & Cognac

  1. I think it’s a nice shade of pink. I used to never ever wear anything pink but I’ve recently come to terms with it and now I quite like it! Also, the boots are amazing!

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