Whole30 Wrap Up – Food Changed My Life

I did it! 30 days without sugar, grains, dairy, legumes, or alcohol. And I feel amazing! 30 days ago, I would have never thought I’d be undergoing such a huge lifestyle change, and actually enjoying it. Cutting added sugars completely out of my diet sounded like crazy talk. But Dave and I can both vouch that it has been the best decision we’ve made in a while.

Last night, I decided to indulge in some of the no-no foods at Dave’s brother’s house – corn on the cob with butter, garlic bread with butter, hummus and pita chips, vanilla bean ice cream topped with chocolate hazelnut merlot fudge and a splash of bourbon (uhhhggg). I had been warned that going back to “regular” eating could have some adverse side effects, but I thought: How bad could it really be? And let me tell you, I would rather eat my body weight in any of those foods pictured above than eat another piece of buttered bread. It made me feel full and lethargic, not satisfied and energetic like food should make you feel. While our meal last night tasted great, on our drive home, Dave turns to me and says, “I just want to drink a huge glass of water and eat a green apple.” All this morning I’ve been trying to cleanse myself from last night’s foodie sins. The thing is, Whole30 didn’t make me suddenly sick of these foods; my body always felt this way when eating that stuff. I just thought it was normal to hate your life after a big meal and wake up feeling groggy and gross. Whole30 has opened me up to an array of food options that taste incredible and make me feel even better. I don’t think I have the discipline to be 100% paleo in my world of carne asada fries and In-N-Out burger, but I’m going to at least go 70% with the occasional non-paleo splurge.

On top of it all, I’ve lost 6 pounds, my skin has cleared up, I’m sleeping better, stressing less, and I can finally start working on my abs again now that my winter body has been shed. I know that first photo below looks like I’m pushing out my stomach, but unfortunately I was trying my hardest to suck everything in. Now I’m getting back on track to working towards a smokin’ hot bod ready for Comic Con. ;)

I can’t stress enough how life-changing this “diet” has been. Dave and I have pretty much become spokespeople for Whole30 and have been converting friends & family left and right to some of our awesome paleo recipes. If you want to feel better right now, I encourage you to start today! See my previous post about Whole30.

Anyone else complete the Whole30? How did it change your life?

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  1. I haven’t done the whole30, but for about 3 months I started to “eat clean” and I had the same results, food made me feel energized and satisfied. Unfortunately during finals time I fell off the horse a bit and getting back on track has been hard but it made me realize that foods can really make you feel great if you pick the right things!

    • Not only do they make you feel better, but I think they taste WAY better than all the crap that was making me feel gross. We’re a little bit masochistic when it comes to food choices. Hope you can get back on that horse! :)

  2. I’ve really wanted to try the Whole30 challenge. I’m normally a very clean eater, but after traveling for a month straight I got used to eating crappy foods and it’s been hard to get back on track. The dumb part is I KNOW how much better it makes you feel and I just can’t seem to fully commit. You look great, though, and congratulations on making it all the way!!

  3. I love all the the photographs of the food you made. I’ve been trying my hardest to eat clean, and I’ve been seeing a change in my body as well. This post really has inspired me, because although I’m thin, thin isn’t always healthy. Since I’ve been eating clean and working out everyday I sleep better as well, and my skin has clear up a lot. I don’t even wear foundation most days. I really want to try this! You look amazing by the way.

    • Thank you! :) It’s good that you acknowledge thin isn’t always healthy, because that’s a concept a lot of people can’t seem to grasp. While I’m not exactly thin, I have a small figure, and I can’t stand when I tell people that I’m “on a diet” or that I’m “working out a lot” and they respond with, “Why?! You’re so tiny!” As if diet and exercise has to be about body-hating weight loss. There are so many more benefits to eating clean and working out than just losing weight. And it’s good that you’re seeing a few of those benefits. Keep it up! :)

  4. I just recently helped a friend go vegan, which included giving her info about proper nutrtion, side effects of diet change, and she feels better as well. I know you aren’t vegan but I like how you can see and feel the differences when you can any kind of diet into a lifestyle choice.
    Every time i eat bread or pasta, even cooked foods now(i eat more of a raw vegan diet) i feel disgusting. I love how our bodies know what we want and need and let us know what is good or not. It is just too bad that we cant feel those indications because we stuff ourselves with bad foods.

    • I definitely have that same feeling towards bread now. I can’t believe how horrible it made me feel. I don’t think I’m gluten intolerant, but there’s definitely something not right with eating heavy stuff like that.

      You’ve got some major dedication though! I tried doing raw for like a week and I just couldn’t handle it.

    • It is definitely tough, especially when awesome noodle and rice dishes are being cooked in the house, but the pleasure of eating those foods always fades once i start digesting. I hate feeling as nasty as i do when i eat those foods, and every time i do feel gross it brings me back to raw.

      Besides feeling really good after i eat what i also like is that i can eat till im full but i still dont feel lethagic and sick.

    • Thanks! :) I 100% encourage you to try it out. I had so much fun cooking up different meals and finding yummy replacements (like spaghetti squash in replace of pasta, and ground up cauliflower in replace of rice). And it makes you feel amazing.

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