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I haven’t taken much time lately to create personal artworks for myself, so it was really creatively therapeutic to be in nature and away from the city this weekend at my parents’ house, playing outside and arranging flowers with dead animals. A few months back my dogs killed a skunk, and my mom being as strange as I am, kept the carcass for me near her garden. After leaving it to naturally decompose for a while, I went out to scavenge what was left. Unfortunately a lot of the little bones had been carried off by other critters (such is nature running its course I guess), but I was thankful to find this perfect little skull with all its pearly teeth still in tact waiting for me atop the pile of fur and earth.

In a week or so, I’ll post a walkthrough on how I go about processing and cleaning bones. Stay tuned! If you aren’t already, make sure to follow my blog on Bloglovin so you don’t miss my new posts!

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  1. you probably have your own method, but I like to either burry them or let them decompose in a bucket of water. Additionally, I have learned that if you have some bones that are oily (as it looks like the ones above are) if you soak them in a bucket of water and ammonia it will draw the fat out of the bones and will end up floating on the top. Industrial grade ammonia is the best but its really hard for a lay-person to get, but store bought will do too (just takes a bit longer). Then all you have to do is change the water every few days till your bones are nice and dried out. Oily bones can be spongey and don’t last as long as fat decomposes much faster than bone. Have a blast with your dead stuff!

    • I haven’t ever buried any of my specimen since my past pieces I was studying the stages of decomposition, so they needed to be exposed to bow flies. I’ve only ever ended up with one full skeleton (as seen here) this way though since other critters always end up taking bits and pieces away. I might try burying next time if I want to guarantee a full set of bones in the end.

      I always soak them in water and dish soap for a few days to clean and degrease. Then sanitize and whiten in a diluted hydrogen peroxide bath for another few days. I’ll have a whole writeup on my process soon!

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