Life Lately – 04

I’ve been unbelievably blessed with a handful bucketful of amazing friends to do life with. Most people only ever count a few select individuals as their good friends, and yet I’ve somehow ended up with more than I can count.

This last week: we prepared a delicious home-cooked Mexican meal at our weekly Monday night dinner and got to see our friends’ ultrasound video; had a bonfire at the beach with our church family in celebration of the success of last week’s Empower conference; spent 4th of July celebrating Dave’s mom’s birthday with his family and later watched fireworks at the park with a couple Canadian friends; went out for drinks at our favorite neighborhood craft cocktail joint and had to move to an even bigger table when more friends spontaneously showed up to join us; cruised up to LA with some old friends, and by the end of the night, our party of 4 turned into a party of 7, catching up with people we haven’t seen in forever; got together at Stone last night with all of our closest friends for one last rendezvous with our friends who are moving to Seattle. No time or distance has been able to keep any of us apart and I’m so thankful for the vast amount of friendships I’ve been able to create and maintain over the years.

In An Instant: 1// Showed our Canadian friend a good ol’ American 4th of July. 2// God bless In-N-Out Burger #2 animal style with well-done fries and extra spread. 3// My ‘Merica day getup. Rocked a pomp and Chariot shirt. 4// Cleaned up my skunk skull and got a beautiful new goat vertebra necklace. 5// My good friend Matthew traveled all the way from Alabama to California, so we took a late night trip to Hollyweird for some Roscoe’s chicken n waffles and sweet LA hangs. 6// Working on my new super top secret Comic Con costume and made my very first latex ears!

What I’m Watching: Dexter – Anyone else kind of disappointed by this premiere? The dialogue and scripting felt unbearably clunky and awkward for the first 30 minutes. Finally things started flowing again, but the storyline they’re setting up for this final season isn’t especially intriguing (there’s really only so much I can watch of Michael and Jennifer’s post-divorce onscreen tension before I expect something to actually happen). What this premiere lacked in substantial story development the writers attempted to make up for in random boob shots. I haven’t watched the latest episode yet, but I can only hope it gets better.

Links I’m Loving:
• Develop an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog – ProBlogger
• The Art of Living Forever: Equine Taxidermy – CNN
• How I Re-Branded – Hannah Rose Beasley
• Be Free, Lance: The Best Hours – Breanna Rose
• Exploding Disney Princesses – Simone Rovellini (I seriously died laughing at these)
• SyFy Announces “Heroes of Cosplay” – FashionablyGeek

Words of Wisdom: “I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.”Abraham Lincoln


What did my fellow American friends do for the 4th? For us, every year is so up in the air and we never have a plan until the day of. I wish we had more 4th of July traditions like some people do. Got any fun 4th routines? Also, are any of my followers hitting up San Diego Comic Con this year? Let’s meet up!

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