Curious Collection – Glass & Brass Curio Boxes

As a hoarder of glass (glass jars, glass bottles, glass domes, glass terrariums) I have an undeniable radar that zones in on these vintage glass and brass curio boxes whenever scanning across the dusty piles of treasures at antique malls. I love contrasting the sleek and geometric look with natural elements like bones and dried flowers. I just snatched up the larger box at my favorite local antique shop for $12 and filled it with coyote foot bones.

In other news, my sister and I won’t be moving out of our current place like we originally anticipated we would at the end of our lease. At first I was excited about the idea of decorating a new space, but our search only made me fall more and more in love with this place and we eventually decided on staying. If we moved anywhere smaller, I don’t think I’d be able to display nearly half my collection of junk! Our housemates are moving out though, and I’ll be switching into his old room so I have more natural light in my workspace. I’ve been pinning ideas like crazy and I’m so excited for a change of scenery, even if it is within my own house. Can’t wait to share photos of my (hopefully) new and improved living space!

4 comments on “Curious Collection – Glass & Brass Curio Boxes

  1. Those boxes are beautiful. I completely agree with you about the contrast. As you might see on my blog I collect toys rather the bones, but I do enjoy the same kind of thing. Giving them an unusual amount of placement and attention. I’ve bought a glass cabinet recently and I was thinking of displaying some toys in it, as though they were precious china.

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