Midweek Muse – Emma Kisiel

Emma Kisiel is a photographer who memorializes roadkill animals in her series entitled At Rest. Without disturbing the natural state of the bodies, Kisiel surrounds the misfortunate creatures with makeshift funerary flowers and stones at the original sites of their deaths.

“By surrounding the subject with living and fake flowers and stone markers, I elevate the often ignored and overlooked dead animal to the level of a human being and impart the beautiful grace of their fallen bodies. My photographs convey the sublime, the grotesque, and the lure of the macabre; we can hardly bear the visual of death, yet we cannot tear our eyes away.”

View more of Emma’s work and her other memento mori series at emmakisiel.com

3 comments on “Midweek Muse – Emma Kisiel

  1. Hey, this is my work! Thanks for posting it. I also run a blog/index of artists who use animals/dead animals in their work. You might find some inspiration for similar posts there.


    • Already follow you! :) Love everything you post and I was thrilled to find another blog out there with similar interests in “dead animal art”. I actually discovered the artist I just featured today from your blog. Keep up all the awesome features!

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