Party in the Desert – Party with a Purpose

My blog posts might be crazy and all over the place for a while since, well, my life has been crazy and all over the place. So bear with me.

If you follow my Instagram (and if you don’t, what’s wrong with you?) you probably peeped a few of my posts from this last weekend’s Party in the Desert – including a hyperactive video of a toilet paper rave and me in a coyote headdress. That madness was all part of my church’s yearly retreat to a 5 star resort in the desert of Palm Springs, where we get jacked up on Red Bull in 120 degree weather, party til 2 in the morning, and have our lives rocked by the Holy Spirit. I don’t know what other Christian groups do at their conferences, but that’s how we roll at C3 Society in San Diego.

Our mantra is to party with a purpose. God hasn’t called us to live lackluster lives of seclusion from the rest of the world in the cushy Christian comfort of churches with our strictly Christian friends. We are to be out in the world – that not only includes our schools and workplaces, but our local hangouts, bars, beaches, and wherever there are people – spreading the love of Jesus and partying for his glory.

I know I have a lot of readers that share all sorts of different beliefs, so I don’t mean to scare any of you away. I promise this won’t become a crazy Christian blog; rest assured I’m still gonna be posting about dead stuff, horror movies, and craft culture.

But I came to the realization after this weekend that I haven’t kept true to myself or really utilized this blog to the fullest. In my attempt to become a “popular blogger,” I fell into a monotonous routine of posting for other people, so much so to the point where I’d sit down to write an entry and felt uncomfortable sharing anything that wasn’t neutral or sugarcoated for pleasing my crowd. So I’d just scrap it and show you some pretty art instead. Many of you have been following me “since the Myspace days” (as we like to put it) so you know just how opinionated and fiery I used to be. I completely DGAF’d if I rocked the boat and got a few bits of hatemail for voicing my opinion or sharing my lifestyle. I said what I needed to say because I wanted to inspire people to think and better their lives.

Since I joined C3 Society almost a year ago, I’ve been partying with a purpose nonstop IRL. Now it’s time I start blogging with a purpose. No more sugarcoating, no more holding back.

With all of that said and done, here are just a few photos I snapped at our incredible Party in the Desert!

Also, check out the seriously awesome recap video of all the awesomeness from the weekend. My friends on the creative media team are mind-blowingly talented and couldn’t have done a better job capturing the epic essence of PitD!

7 comments on “Party in the Desert – Party with a Purpose

  1. Your best blog posts have always been the ones where you’ve seemed excited and really into whatever it is you were talking about or showing.

    I’m sure all of your followers follow you in part because of the things you do that aren’t your everyday run of the mill blog posts.

    Just do whatever you enjoy and you will attract the types of people you truly want to follow you.

  2. I love that you’re going to start sharing more of the important stuff. What better way to be able to share Jesus with a bunch of strangers at the same time than on a blog. I’m trying to have the courage to share more over on my blog too. Sometimes it’s definitely hard, thinking that you might lose readers because they’ll start thinking you’re that ‘wacky Christian girl’…but I don’t want to care anymore. He’s my God, and I want to share him!

  3. So here’s an honest reflection (on your honest post) from one of your (strongly) non-Christian readers: I gotta say, I’m not at all Christian and would never dream of being and reading a blog is certainly never going to change that. My first reaction to this post was, “Well, sucks, just lost this reader.” I have a very strong reaction and am very uncomfortable with people who are loud about being Christian. So… then I got up and grabbed a drink and started thinking, “Hey, maybe this should be a red flag for ME. I’m not about hating on people or their choices. Maybe I need to examine why I am having such a knee-jerk reaction.” To be honest, it’s stereotyping. Everyone is prone to it. I have an affiliation in my mind between Christianity and bigotry. And that’s not fair. Because I have multiple strongly Christian friends who are great people (and it took me a loooong time not to be stuck on it) and I know that the core of Christianity is about love and tolerance. So, I guess that my comment is more for your readers than you even; we should all be examining our beliefs and working hard to vanquish out stereotypes and fear. If there are people who stop reading your blog because you love your God, that’s their own issue. I will keep reading it as long as it’s full of loving kindness (I’m a Buddhist and loving kindness is a huge theme) and AWESOME ART (I love your work and do dead stuff art too!) and keep being passionate about whatever you love. RAWK ON! <3

    • I absolutely loved reading this comment! Seriously. Good on you for having an open enough mind to assess your own reaction and come to the self-realizaion that you did. I really appreciate you sharing this with me (and hopefully some of my other readers who might share your same initial feelings will glean something from it too). :)

      My goal for wanting to share more of my life is not to try to “convert” anyone to Christianity. I think there are enough Christians in the world who try to talk at people about God, and not enough who actually show them Jesus. And unfortunately many of those Christians have completely missed the mark and tarnished God’s image, making Him all about hate and judgement rather than love and forgiveness. My goal is to do exactly as you said – vanquish out the stereotypes. Particularly this stereotype that Christians are hypocritical bigots that lead boring, judgmental lives full of C28 clothing and contemporary rock music (but that’s for another rant)… My goal is simply to continue to live the amazing life God has blessed me with (making art, collecting dead things, nerding out over horror movies, traveling the world, adventuring with my friends) and show people just how awesome God is by what He’s done for me in my life. I won’t be shoving Bible verses down anyone’s throats or going on tangents about how “dark the secular world is”, because I think God is so much bigger than my words and His presence in my day-to-day life speaks so much louder than any “Christ themed” blog post I could ever write. And I hope by continuing to share my life through my blog, people catch a glimpse of who Jesus actually is and want to get to know Him more.

      Anyways, rest assured I’ll still be posting lots of awesome art! ;)

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