Wednesday Wardrobe – Floral First Impressions

The first week of school is always amusing when you notice how many people obviously spent the night before picking out their outfits. It’s nice to see everyone actually put a little effort into looking presentable (before they succumb to the evils of sweatpants and Uggs…). First impressions are undeniably important, and the number one way to make a good first impression is through dress and physical appearance.

I remember in high school I picked a particular band t-shirt to wear as a sort of mating call to potential friends who liked the same music (fyi, it was either an MCR or The Used tee – an angsty emo essential). Without fail, I met my long-haired-tight-pants-wearing high school best friend on the first day, and he and I spent our days listening to music at lunch and going to shows on the weekends. Now that I’m finishing up college, I’m a lot less concerned with making scenester friends and more focused on impressing my professors and colleagues, as they play an important role in my success. Your first day outfit can say a lot about your personality and how serious you are about your education and your future.

For my first day, I chose to wear this sleeveless floral button up with a black chiffon skirt, cinched with an accent belt, and frosted with bronze accessories for a dressy look that still feels comfortable and casual. I didn’t have time to do my hair in the morning and I didn’t want to look too done up, so I let it curl naturally after my shower the night before and just pinned some back to look more put together. I also wanted a bit more pep in my step so I threw on these causal wedges for some extra height and style without sacrificing comfort. This outfit took me no more than 10 minutes to throw together, but the effect it has on my first impressions and my confidence can last throughout the semester.

Copy Cat: 1// Sleeveless Floral Print Button Up – Forever 21 2// Accent Belt – Asos 3// Black Chiffon Midi Skirt – Urban Outfitters 4// Sally Hansen Slick Slate – Target 5// Mossimo Strappy Wedges – Target 6// Gold Leaf Dangle Earrings – Forever 21

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