Being As An Ocean Tour – Part 2

Round two! This portion of the tour was bittersweet. We said goodbye to our friends in Heart to Heart and Counterparts, and finished out a few festivals with Hundredth. I’ve said it a million times before, but making friends on tour is strange. You get so close in such a short period of time and then you maybe never see each other again. With that being said, during these two fests, I reconnected with a bunch of band friends I haven’t seen in forever. It was so good getting to watch my boys in MyChildren MyBride play again and spend some time catching up. I also never thought I’d see my gypsy comrade Giuseppe again after Haste the Day’s farewell tour over 3 years ago, but our paths crossed yet again at Alliance Fest and we bonded over bones and speakeasies. While in New York, a few friends from home happened to be on tour in the area as well and met up for some quick hangs. While I’m sad I rarely get to see these people, I’m incredibly blessed to have had the opportunities to make such awesome friends all over the country and continue to meet new and exciting people on these crazy adventures.

Check out part one of this photo set in case you missed it yesterday!

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