Being As An Ocean Tour – Part 1

It’s been over a month since I was traveling around the US in a van with Being As An Ocean, and I finally have all the photos finished up for sharing! Thanks for bearing with me. The tour was incredible. Most shows were entirely sold out, and their fans brought so much energy set after set. I loved watching these guys every night and seeing how much their music impacted the crowds. Kids would literally be in tears in the front row as Joel shared the mic with them, screaming powerful lyrics about hope and redemption.

I’m seriously so proud of this band and how far they’ve come. It’s funny to think back to the time when this little San Diego hardcore band hired me out to take promos of them in the parking lot of Soma. We were all just a bunch of 16/17-year-old kids trying to break into the scene – they with music and I with photography. Fast forward 4 years later and I’m photographing them playing sold out shows across the country. I count myself amazingly blessed to be a part of this band’s journey and hope to continue to watch them grow and succeed.

Anyways, enough sentimental band mom blathering. Here are a bunch of rad photos and documented shenanigans from the first leg of the tour with Hundredth, Counterparts, and Heart to Heart. Lots of crowd surfing, mic-mobbing, dice rolling, late-night eating, and friendship building.

I’ve broken the photos up into two parts, so stay tuned tomorrow for the next set from the second leg of the tour.

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