Midweek Muse – Brendon Burton

Brendon Burton is a remarkably talented young photographer from Oregon who specializes in creative, surrealist portraiture. Last year, at the mere age of 18, Brendon’s work for his 365 project was already acknowledged by Huffington Post, Photojojo, PetaPixel, and other notable publications. Seriously impressive for someone who only started taking photos 3 years ago…

I come across handfuls of 365 self-portrait artists on Flickr who – although undeniably talented – typically create the same types of work: levitation manips, objects hanging from string, and the like. While Brendon exhibited a few of these rehashed concepts in his earlier experimentations, he really began developing his own unique style late last year and this transformation from unbridled talent to refined conceptual photographer in just a single year is incredibly inspiring. His work is dark and thought-provoking, etherial and haunting. Just a quick browse through his Flickr stream provokes an intense urge within me to get in front of my camera again, making his work truly muse-worthy.

See more of Brendon’s work at www.brendonburton.com or browse his Flickr stream.

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  1. For some reason, I’ve been sitting here staring at the photo of the bird for the past… what, ten minutes? There’s something very special about it, I just can’t identify what it is.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos! <3

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