Quit Stressing!

I’ll just come right out and say it: I get stressed WAY too easily. Like today – I’m currently bumming super hard that Dave’s and my Friday night date plans to see Machete Kills had to be rearranged because the original September premiere date got set back to October (you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this movie…). But there’s no reason to let little things like this constantly stress me out for the majority of the day. Stress doesn’t change the situation and it definitely doesn’t make me feel any better. Now what does all of this have to do with that cute pygmy goat above? Well, I’ve slowly been finding ways to manage my stress and petting adorable animals happens to be one of them among a few others:

Get some fresh air.

And pet adorable animals. I live right next to the San Diego Zoo, so sometimes when I need a break, I get outside and enjoy the sun while stretching my legs around the park and visiting the animals. Dave and I took a much needed trip to the zoo after a stressful day this week and it put me in such a better mood. Find a happy place you can escape to for some fresh air.

Spend some time meditating.

For me, that means reading my daily devotional, reflecting on the accompanying Bible verses, and spending some time in prayer. I’m trying to get into the constant habit of doing this in the morning, but when I forget and the stress comes creeping in later on during the day, I try to remind myself to get back to that calm, meditative state by breathing and clearing my mind.

Appreciate the little things.

Again, like little goats. ;) When I’m stressin’, it’s easy for me to get caught in a flurry of negative thoughts and swear everything sucks. Rather than lingering on the current stress, take a few moments to look around you and find things that make you happy – like a beautiful day, a funny picture your friend sent, or a pleasant memory from the weekend.

Just take one thing at a time.

I often stress out just from looking at my to-do list. I probably spend more time worrying about my workload than actually working. Plot out one thing at a time, and work in increments. You’d be surprised how much time is actually in a day when you use it for productivity instead of stress.

What are some ways you manage your stress?

7 comments on “Quit Stressing!

  1. yes I know too well about giving in to stress easily! I find using mindful breathing techniques and taking time out to have a good old chat with a friend helps too!
    but you can’t beat some fury critter time too! haha


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