Snapshot – Rose Bowl Flea Market

Sifting through other people’s junk is my absolute favorite pastime. So for thrift vultures like me, the Rose Bowl Flea Market is heaven on earth. It’s jam-packed with over 2,500 vendors and an overwhelming amount of awesome stuff. It only happens once a month and since Dani moved to LA, Jena and I are making a point to come up every month to visit and catch up while hunting for treasures.

I scored so much loot on our trip yesterday, including a new set of antlers, a deer skin rug, and a lace fringe scarf. The bone guy somehow convinced all of us into buying skullcaps after chatting with him about bone processing. I guess I can never have too many antlers around the house. Of course we had to do a little mini photo sesh with them back at Dani’s Hollywood apartment. ;)

13 comments on “Snapshot – Rose Bowl Flea Market

  1. I love these photos! Looks like a perfect day.
    If you ever come to good ‘ol Texas we have one of the biggest, if not THE biggest flea market in the US. I love going there every month. =) I’ve never seen skulls there though!

  2. Now I totally envy you all those skulls since I’ve never seen them in our flea market. I guess it’s not popular in Britain (or at least in my town).
    And I’m in love with your outfit from that trip, edgy and cool. And those earings.. awesome!
    take care :)

    • Ha, I assumed everyone’s swap meets carried dead animals. Taxidermy and bones aren’t too popular here in Southern California (not like the South), but I always stumble across at least one piece at flea markets and antique stores.

      Thanks! I’m obsessed with these earrings by Adorned Immortal.

  3. looks like you are a bunch of girls after my own heart! I absolutely adore skulls and thrift markets! you get some pretty cool ones over here in england, but one day I will have to do some exploring over there! it looks so beautiful!
    I think your photography and design work is so great by the way!
    Zuleika Fray :)

    • I can imagine the flea markets in Europe would be pretty cool since people have been hoarding old junk over there for much longer, haha. The flea market I went to in Germany had a fantastic array of antique taxidermy that looked hundreds of years old.

      Thanks! :D

  4. We have absolutely nothing like this in the UK and words cannot even begin to describe my jealousy. I would kill to spend a day sifting through tresures and exploring this place!


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