Curious Collections – Halloween Home Tour

Finalizing the personalization of my little craftsman style home in San Diego has been an ongoing work-in-progress ever since we moved in last August. Since renewing our lease for another year, I’ve been inspired again to complete the look of my living room (at least for now – my collection grows every week and I have to keep finding new ways to display things). For now, here’s how the place is looking all done up for Halloween!

There’s no feeling more enchanting than having this room greet me every day when I walk through the front door. It’s cozy and curious and filled to the brim with my favorite things. I’ve been fascinated with natural history and old antique stores since I was a kid, and I’ve tried to bring the warmth and pleasant memories of those places into my own living space. It makes decorating for Halloween incredibly easy when all I have to do is add a few pumpkins and some cheesecloth to my already creepy eclectic interior!

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