Halloween Mix – My Face Is Falling Off

I get asked pretty frequently about my music preferences and if there’s any particular playlists I listen to while working. Let me just say that my taste in music is weird. I like ambient zone-out loops with experimental beats and strange unintelligible background noises. For this reason, my friends have revoked my car-dj-ing privileges. However, it’s Halloween – the one time of year all my eccentric interests are fully embraced. So I thought I would share my current “spooky” playlist I’ll be listening to on repeat this season.

01. “Lady in the Radiator” — Zola Jesus
02. “Get Got” — Death Grips
03. “Futuristic Casket” — Phantogram
04. “Goya” — Labyrinth Ear
05. “Shadows II” — The New Division
06. “Bad Apple” — Gauntlet Hair
07. “Phantoms” — The Soft Moon
08. “Machine Gun” — Portishead
09. “Backwoods Altar” — Tobacco
10. “Demons” — Chelsea Wolfe
11. “IxC999” — White Ring
12. “Nightmusic” (feat. Majical Clouds) — Grimes
13. “Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair” — Nina Simone


(top photo by me)

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