In A Nutshell – October

October has been rough, if I’m being totally honest. Chalk it up to seasonal depression or whatever, but despite painting a perfect picture of my life, this has been one of the most emotionally-draining months of my year. Between combatting the overwhelming stress at school and my lack of motivation with work, dealing with relationship problems and some major disappointments, and fighting the general sense of being on the verge of tears most nights and just wanting to sleep it all away (mostly I sit in the bath for hours like Margot Tenenbaum), I’d say I’m ready for a fresh month.

However, I can’t say it was all glum. Here are some of my favorite highlights from October.

Midweek Muses: 1// Walter Potter 2// Julie Heffernan 3// Haruko Maeda 4// Kelly Louise Judd

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Blog Love: Almost Makes Perfect – A Pinterest pin about shampoo bottles led me to Molly’s DIY-lifestyle blog this month and I discovered much much more than an unnecessary craft for sprucing up my shower soaps. Molly is a talented graphic/web/motion designer with a snarky sense of humor about her “almost perfect” DIY projects. And she’s a fellow horror movie junkie. Need I say more?

Horror Movies I Watched:
Carrie (Remake) – Despite what some critics have said, I for one, loved this new Carrie remake. Even though it was a replication of the original nearly scene for scene, it gave a much needed facelift to an old story that I believe was desperately deserving of a readaptation.
Rosemary’s Baby – I feel like I’ve been watching way too many movies about demented pregnancies lately… Make it stop.
American Mary – After having a handful of fellow horror fanatics recommend this one, I finally got to watching it on Netflix the other night (Dave has an aversion to rape-revenge movies, so we were putting it off for a while). Verdict: It was two-thumbs-up awesome. Refreshingly original, clever and gory, heartbreaking yet darkly humorous. I also love that it was directed by the two freaky twin sisters that cameoed in the film. More girl power like this in the horror industry please!

Aspirations for November: Be thankful for the little things. I’m sure everyone will be sick of posts about “thankfulness” by the month’s end. But until then, even when things start to get blurred by stress and disappointments, I’m striving to constantly appreciate all the blessings around me.


How’d everyone else hold up during this crazy month?

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  1. I absolutely LOVED American Mary and I’m really glad to have found someone who agrees. I’ve been thinking about it pretty much every day since I saw it, it kind of… left me wondering.

    Also, let’s all trust that November will be better, because we deserve it.

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