Life Lately – 14

It has been quite an eventful weekend. I got to check off a few things on my 22 Before 23 list, including a new tattoo, a mini drum lesson from Dave, and (pause for dramatic effect) ring shopping! (Alright, so we’re technically not engaged yet, but it’s still exciting to be trying on antique rings at our favorite antique store.) On Thursday, our old pastor was back in town from his home in Australia, so we caught up downtown over craft cocktails with a bunch of other incredible people from our church family until the bar kicked us out at 1AM. Dave and some of the guys decided to get “bro tats” of the Chi Rho symbol, so we spent most of Saturday morning in a tattoo shop before getting ready for our first annual Friendsgiving. I made a pretty bomb bacon-pecan-cornbread stuffing, and I am so thankful for all the incredible friends God has blessed me with!

In An Instant: 1// Got a good ol’ Adobe Caslon ampersand tattoo to commemorate my final year of design school. 2// Dave finally starting teaching me drums. I’m not very good… 3// Had an amazing Friendsgiving with my incredible church family! This one long makeshift table sat over 32 friends. 4// Driving by yellow houses & hippie buses. I love my neighborhood! 5// My favorite of all the bones. A coyote atlas and a skunk atlas I processed myself from roadkill. 6// Still never taking this off. ^_^

What I’m Watching: Pontypool – I’ve been powering through my Netflix horror movie list this month and was pleasantly surprised by this unique addition to the “zombie” genre. This Canadian indie-cerebral-horror-thriller takes place entirely in a radio station (and in your own imagination) as the rest of the town is under attack from a mysterious virus. There’s something about a movie allowing your mind to imagine the worst that is far more suspenseful and terrifying than any special effects monsters.

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Words of Wisdom: “There are only two options: Make progress or make excuses.”Unknown

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