Life Lately – 15

Alright, I promise I’m gonna try not to be annoying over the next couple months as we enter into wedding planning mode. I was a big eye-roller to Facebook engagement statuses not that long ago, so I’ll be keeping the gooey lovey talk to a healthy minimum. But I think I’ve earned at least a week of engagement fever after waiting 6 flipping years to get to this point. So feast on this week’s pictures of my bedazzled hand and deal with it!

In An Instant: 1// Still surreal this actually happened. I have to keep looking at these photos to remember it’s real. 2// Oh, and this is a nice reminder too. ;) 3// My affinity for useless ephemera almost lead me to buy this vintage werewolf mask. Seriously. I have a problem. 4// I get to call this weird cat-loving guy my fiancé now.

Links I’m Loving:
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• Coloring Book Pictures Colored With X-Ray Skeletons – Geekologie

Fast Forward:
• Really looking forward to Thanksgiving this week! I have a pretty small family and most holidays are spent just with my immediate (usually talking about the same things at the dinner table and wondering where my grandma wandered off to). This year, we’ll be joining with my dad’s side of the family and I’m excited for the change of scenery.
• I’m itching to start decorating for Christmas already! We have all the boxes out and ready as soon as Thanksgiving is over.
• Already started creating planning checklists for the wedding. I might be getting a little ahead of myself…

Words of Wisdom: “If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.”Lemony Snicket


What are my American friends’ plans for Thanksgiving?

6 comments on “Life Lately – 15

  1. i’m actually stoked that you’re engaged–as you can imagine, blogs of dead-animal-loving lady artists planning their wedding are kinda few and far between. welcome to the club! taxidermy is going to be plenty present at my wedding in may :)

    • Ah, I’m sure your wedding is going to be incredible! The venue I’ve been lusting after for a while is this old camping resort in the mountains with an super rustic wood dance hall and the walls are lined with skulls and antlers. They even have a little museum where they’ve preserved all the antique country store supplies and soda bar. *swoon* I’m thinking of ways we can incorporate my taxidermy animals as well. ;)

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