Put a Ring On It – We Got Engaged!

If you haven’t been spammed already to the fullest extent with the news on my other social profiles, WE’RE ENGAGED!

It’s definitely been a long time coming. 6 years and 1 month to be exact. It feels so surreal that this guy I met on Myspace (that’s right) and decided to invite to my Halloween party 6 years ago is now my fiancé. Say what?! We went ring shopping last week at our favorite antique store in Ocean Beach and I picked out this gorgeous rose gold ring from the 40s. So I knew the time was coming soon, but I did not expect he’d propose the way he did. So here goes the story!

Dave and I are very involved in the young adults group at our church here in San Diego. He’s the drummer for the worship team and I’m the graphic designer for our screens and events. Every quarter, we put on this huge party called Big Night Out where we pack the place out, invite a phenomenal world-renowned guest speaker, blow the roof off with incredible worship, and set the stage for God to melt the faces off of San Diego’s young adults. Our creative teams have been planning and preparing for this event for the last couple months, so we were stoked the day was finally here.

After an intensely awesome session of worship, our good friends and pastor Matt and his wife Laurén held a raffle giveaway for the newcomers to our church. Upon drawing the third name, Laurén calls out, “Corinne?! What’s your name doing in here? You’re not new! Oh well, since we love you, come up here anyways and we’ll give you a prize.” Reluctantly, I trudged my way to the stage in front of hundreds of people dreading whatever embarrassing thing they were going to prank me with. Laurén introduced me to the crowd and lead me to the edge of the stage where she made me turn around and close my eyes. My heart was racing and my face was on fire; I had no clue what was going on but I was hating whoever put them up to this. Suddenly the crowd erupted with gasps and screams and AWWWWWs from every female in the theater. My immediate thoughts went to, Oh. NO. He did not. Dave!!! For as long as we’ve known we wanted to get married, I’ve pleaded and warned Dave that he better not dare propose to me in front of a crowd of people. Alas, I turn around and he’s there on one knee, holding out a black box, and beaming with that smile where he knows I’m a mixture of pissed, embarrassed, and overwhelmingly happy. Everyone is screaming and cheering and I’m laughing while bursting into tears.

The rest after that was a blur (I think I said ‘yes’) and we spent the end of the evening celebrating with our close friends and church family. I couldn’t have asked for a more incredibly crazy way for us to enter into this new chapter of our lives and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my days adventuring by this guy’s side.

15 comments on “Put a Ring On It – We Got Engaged!

  1. After following you for song long from myspace, I can’t help but be excited for you as if we were friends, haha! I checked instagram on my way to class and literally yelled OH THEY FINALLY DID IT! I’m so happy for you, i know this is going to be an amazing next chapter in your ever-growing and eclectic life!

  2. Congratulations Corinne and Dave! This is so exciting for you! Quite the proposal!
    I’m so looking forward to seeing what kind of wedding you guys throw. I’m sure the invites will be beautiful, and the decor, and I’m so stoked to see what kind of dress you pick out! (any black in it? or deep red?!)
    Many Blessings to you two!

  3. Aw, that was beautiful. So beautiful that it left tears in my eyes even if I am not physically friends with you or David. Congratulations!!!

    Please let us know all about the wedding details, when you’re getting married and photos of the wedding. We wants to see!

  4. We met on Myspace, too!! He lived in San Diego while I lived in Texas (but he was originally from here – we had mutual friends). Sigh. 4 years of marriage + one baby later!

    Congratulations! Such a beautiful ring.

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