Curious Collections – Christmas Home Tour

I’ve been pretty MIA lately here on the blog, but I just wanted to pop in a show off a few cozy images of my home all decked out for Christmas. It may still look crazy cluttered, but I cleared out A LOT of my living room collection. I took everything off the shelves and started over. I’m so much happier with the way this space feels now that there’s a bit of breathing room. I have some wild ideas I’m brainstorming on to possibly open up a curated online shop and start selling pieces from my collection. 2014 feels like a year of downsizing. I’ll always be a collector, but not everything I collect needs to fill every nook and cranny of my house. But we’ll see what comes of these crazy ideas of mine in the new year, haha.

I kept the Christmas decor fairly simple this year. Just a few touches of green and gold to liven up the place. We also opted for a smaller tree, which I absolutely adore. My sister wouldn’t let me pick a scraggly Charlie Brown tree, so we compromised on this guy and decorated with lovely gold ribbon from Costco, a few pinecone ornaments homemade several years ago, and some dainty laser cut wood snowflake ornaments I picked up at Solo.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday seasons so far!

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