Life Lately – 17

How on earth is Christmas already only two days away! I have been going crazy this whole week getting all of my Christmas shopping done, organizing our Star Wars Holiday Special party, and trying to enjoy myself just a little bit in the process. I’m not proud to confess I’ve had several moments of frazzled bitchiness and unforgiving road rage. Never again will I procrastinate this much on my holiday to-do list, lest I feel like murdering someone and/or losing my mind.

I did manage to enjoy some fun festivities amongst all the madness though and checked off a few things on my seasonal bucket list. We went shopping in the Solana Beach design district looking for white elephant gifts and ended up buying each other handcrafted ornaments (a drum one for Dave and a deer one for me). I got a good amount of Christmas shopping done and we unashamedly bought several things for ourselves. We popped into the zoo during their late night hours for Jungle Bells and wandered around the mostly deserted park looking at sleepy animals in the rain and enjoying the festive lights. We headed back to my place to change out of our sopping wet clothes, warm up with my homemade white chicken chili, and craft our ugly sweaters while watching Christmas movies on Netflix. At the Star Wars party, we gathered 20 of our closest friends to watch the Rifftrax version of the mind-numbingly awful Star Wars Holiday Special (a terrible little tv movie from the 70s about Chewbacca’s family and their celebration of Life Day). We made gingerbread cookies with Dave’s Star Wars cookie cutters, drank cocktails all night, and exchanged some ridiculous gifts in our annual white elephant. All in all, despite the chaos, it was a really great week filled with good times and good friends.

In An Instant: 1// Crafting secret cute things. 2// Skullfie. 3// Nothing says Christmas cheer like gifts wrapped with little bones. 4// Walked around the zoo during Jungle Bells! It was fun seeing the animals this late at night until it started pouring rain. 5// Dave and I made some pretty amazing sweaters for our Star Wars Holiday Special Ugly Sweater White Elephant Christmas Party. 6// I know the sweet spots.

Links I’m Loving:
• “I’m Not a Feminist, But…” – Feminspire
• Should We Be So Opinionated About Everything? – Relevant (such a fantastic article I couldn’t agree with more!)
• Just Stop – Waterfall Creative (totally needed this reminder to stop worrying so much)
• Eli Roth To Tell Story About Jesus As An Exorcist – Bloody Disgusting (as a Christian and horror fanatic, I’m totally down with this)
• 8 Unexpected Downsides Of Staying With Your High School Sweetheart – xoJane (haha, most of these are applicable to Dave and me, but I see them as Endearing Upsides)

Fast Forward:
• Partaking in our annual Elf Fort Night tonight, where we (a bunch of 22- to 29-year-old adults) build a blanket fort and watch Elf.
• I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Christmas to just be here and be over with already and for a fresh 2014 to begin.
• However, I’m really excited my sister’s boyfriend and Dave will be joining my family for Christmas dinner for the first time. We’ll see how that goes!

Words of Wisdom: “Stop buying shit you don’t need with money you don’t have. Love family and friends. Enjoy your time and relax. Be happy for once. Stop getting stressed over making people happy.”A surprisingly insightful Facebook commentor


How’s everyone else been holding up over these last few days before the impending Christmas? Hope you’ve had some time to enjoy being with friends and family!

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  1. I showed my boyfriend the photo of your gift wrapping on Instagram. Suddenly my Snowman paper held together with a zillion yards of tape didn’t look so good anymore (even though it was covering a taxidermy kit for him inside). Teach me your ways.

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