Recent Work – New Site for My Wedding & Engagement Photography!

I’m so proud to announce the completion of this site! CORINNEALEXANDRA.COM Not only is this my first ever responsive website design, but it’s also the first time I’ve updated any of my personal sites in years! As commercial creatives, we spend so much time designing for different people, it’s daunting to reign in your style and create something for yourself. I’ve been planning to develop this site for months now but it always was put on the back-burner. So when I got the assignment in my web design course this year to create a personal website, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to finally just get ‘er done.

I wanted something that was simple and clean to showcase my photos, but still express my unique style. I’ve been working these images of baby’s breath and teeth into my brand (fusion of the beautiful and the odd) and I love the touch of character they add to the otherwise plain site. Eventually I’d like to merge the site with WordPress for better content management since at the moment, everything is actually static (although it’s intended to look dynamic). And I also plan to add a few extra pages like a FAQ and Testimonals page, but for now, this works just fine!

Check it out and let me know what you think!


As always, if you’re interested in having me design a site for you, shoot me an email!

8 comments on “Recent Work – New Site for My Wedding & Engagement Photography!

  1. it looks so fab! and love your photographic style too, as a photographer myself who’s getting married in the next 2 years, finding a photographer you trust who also meets your personal style is so important and a hard task! shame you live across the pond or I’d be hiring you with the drop of a hat! :)
    x Zuleika Fray

  2. I love it. I think the overall vibe captures your style and uniqueness but still being simple and clean. Very you.

    I’ve had a lot of experience recently with responsive web site design too.. it’s pretty nifty but was definitely a whole new ball game. I don’t know if you’ve used bootstrap before but its pretty nifty for responsive design.

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