Curious Collection – Wasp Nest

On our exploration through the woods of the nearby park, I stumbled upon big chunks of wasp nest near the opening of some unknown creature’s burrow. Natural curiosities like this absolutely fascinate me. Seriously, how incredible are these organically-formed geometric patterns? The wasps make these paper hexagonal nests by chewing up wood fibers and mixing with saliva to create a wood pulp. And make the most beautiful spit wad art. ;) I’m reminded of something I wrote in my book a few years ago (Is it totally vain to quote yourself? Oh well, I’m doing it anyways.).

“As a believer, holding a skull in my hands or studying the pattern on a butterfly wing, I am awestruck by God’s artistry. You don’t have to travel up to the mountains or visit the Grand Canyon in order to experience the incredible glory of God’s creation. Just gaze at a skull or a seashell, running your fingers over the intricate and precisely designed formations. God is the ultimate Creator and I am constantly inspired by His handiwork.”

I tucked a few pieces away in one of my curio boxes, but I just loved how well this tall piece fit in my glass dome. I’ve been trying to find something to display here and I think this is a perfect new addition to my shelf.

8 comments on “Curious Collection – Wasp Nest

  1. Corinne…i am always amazed at your eye, your vision as it were, for the natural art wherever you might find yourself meandering…i am always looking forward to your next “find” that you’ll share…keep up the awesome explorations…

  2. I just adore your collections, they’re all so perfectly displayed! I’d love to browse your shelves and inspect all your curios! The wasp nest was such a lucky find, I’ve been wanting to get a piece of hive myself after seeing some in a jar on (I think it was) lunarrose’s instagram. They’re so interesting to look at!

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  4. I found this post on tumblr, and I was curious about the vintage bat girl photo. Do you have information on it at all? It’s absolutely perfect

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