Life Lately – 18

Two weeks into 2014, and I’m startin’ to really like this year.

A few moderately interesting highlights from the week:
♦ As I mentioned on Tuesday, Dave and I met with our photographer, Tyler Branch, and I could not be more stoked to have him shoot our wedding. We got together outside a Starbucks in Huntington Beach and bonded over metalcore bands we used to listen to, the Aliki Farms episode of Portlandia, and our mutual agreement that we should travel as much as we can and wait 6 years of marriage before having kids (can’t argue with that). Did we just become best friends?
♦ If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed my sudden influx of paleo food pins, which means I’ve embarked on another Whole30 challenge! Currently I’m on day 8 and loving every deliciously clean meal I treat my body to. You can read all about my previous journey on the “caveman diet” here and here.
♦ In other wedding planning news, Dave and I took our respective moms up the mountain to see the venue on Thursday. Just an hour out from San Diego and we were surprised with a bit of snow on the ground! The owners showed us around and took us through all the adorably rustic cabins/cottages we plan to rent for our “destination” wedding weekend. We’re starting to imagine where things will go and how everything will come together. Exciting! Even more exciting, we then hammered out some details for our honeymoon getaway. See you in September, Venice and Florence! ;)

In An Instant: 1// I’ve only taken one Instagram since the New Year, so I had to make it a good one. Checking out our wedding venue! This place was pretty much made for us.

What I’m Watching: We Are What We Are – I’m hard-pressed to find recent American horror movies that aren’t full of tired storylines and gimmicky scares accompanied by loud noises catered to jumpy college students with ADD (*ahem* everything created by the producers of Insidious). So I was thrilled to find the new We Are What We Are adding something thoughtful and well-crafted (albeit very slowly paced) to the genre without employing cheap thrills. This atmospheric Gothic horror story gradually unfolds the dark ritualistic secrets of a rural family living seemingly normally in a small town. If you can’t guess by the key art, the central theme is cannibalism, and the disturbing faith-based customs the family (reluctantly or not) partakes in year after year. A very moody and very dark, intelligently written, and wonderfully acted piece of horror film I definitely recommend.

Links I’m Loving:
• You Are Not a 7-Eleven – The Middle Finger Project (Raising my hand to all of these! So hilarious.)
• 3 Takeaways From “Getting Things Done” – Jess Lively (I signed up for TeuxDeux after reading this & I’ve been loving it!)
• Documentary About Evil Dead’s FX Artist – Fangoria (I’m pretty nerdily excited about this.)
• An Open Letter to Young Female Creatives – Agency News
• 52 Blogging To Dos in 2014 – IFB


Hope 2014 is treating all of you well! Is it just me, or does everyone seem a lot more relaxed and at ease with this new year?

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  1. I’m new to your blog and I must say I have enjoyed reading your post! That picture is so pretty. I’m sure your wedding will be amazing! It must be exciting getting closer to your wedding date as each day goes by :)

    • Ah! I did not know about that, actually. I showed my fiancé and he said, “Uh, yeah we’re definitely going there.” Ha, so we are for sure adding that to the list. I’ve been to Florence once before but only went to all the touristy stops. If you know of any other cool off-the-beaten-path places, please share!

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