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I was embarrassingly out of breath as I huffed and puffed my way up the stairs to campus on Wednesday, wielding a portfolio folder bursting at the seams with my entire body of work created during my time as a design student at SDSU. And thus marked the beginning of my final semester of college.

This is it. All those years finally coming to a close. I’m excited and inspired and terrified and wildly eager to dive into the world that is life after school. It’s incredible to think that I’ve spent the last 20 years and almost my entire existence in school, every waking day structured around class schedules, spring breaks, and summer vacations. To have my own time to figure out what to do with will be an adventure in itself.

In the mean time, I still have 4 months to soak up as much knowledge and experience and inspiration here at State before graduation. I’m taking a design studio course, a creative essay class, and senior portfolio. More importantly, I plan to push my skills and expand my projects farther than I ever have in the past, break down personal barriers that have prevented me from taking risks and experiencing growth, and finish out this chapter of my life with a bang.

In An Instant: 1// Midday creative meetings are great when you’re sippin’ bourbon with egg white and peach bitters. 2// Ghostly selfies. 3// In case you missed it, check out the nifty cigar boxes Dave and I made for his groomsmen. 4// Doggies begging for pretzels at creative team meeting. 5// Dave treated himself to the new iPhone and it’s got him taking all sorts of artsy photos. Love this one he snapped of me at our church’s after party. 6// A fresh new sketchbook for 2014. I hate first pages.

Links I’m Loving:
• How to Stop Giving a F@$% What People Think – Sean Kim (Can never get enough articles about DGAF-ing.)
• Top 8 Beauty Trends Men Hate – tadelesmith (Haha, so good! Especially after my appearance on Huffpost.)
• Land Your Dream Clients: Prove You’re Capable of Greatness Through Self-Initiated Projects – Nubby Twiglet
• 10 Tips for a Productive Life – A Beautiful Mess
• Super Low-Budget Fan Remake of ‘The Thing’ – Fearnet (Do I rave enough about how much I swoon over cheesy horror FX?)

Fast Forward:
» I’m really looking forward to this creative informal essay class. (I’ll write more about why in another post!) Even though I write for my blog nearly every day, I feel like my life has been lacking creative writing.
» Business is really booming lately! I recently restructured my entire business model and it’s yielded incredible results. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner! I’m so excited to work on the design projects I just took on.
» Dave and I are brainstorming some ideas if he were to start selling his UH-mazing homemade beef jerky. We already have so many ideas for branding and packaging that I can’t wait to expand on.

Words of Wisdom: “You’ll worry less about what people think about you when you realize how seldom they do.” - David Foster Wallace

Share Your Story:
Got any big changes you’re excited for in 2014? Talk with me in the comments below!

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  1. For me? Big changes are going to happen this year because last year for us sucked.

    1. For starters, we’re moving ALL of our belongings (two floors of stuff plus furniture) into a U-Haul and spend the night before moving into our double-wide trailer the next day (which is on the 1st of February). My little family and I (which consist of me, David, our kids (one dog, two cats, one rat, and two kids – age 4 and 6 weeks), David’s dad and his uncle with his dog) are simplifying our life by living in something that can house all of us while keeping us closer together by not paying an extreme amount toward bills every month (also we want to spend lots of money on our kids this year and not ALL on just bills).

    2. With that, I am going to be opening up my dreadfall and cupcake business (using 20% on the dollar to go towards local cat shelters and to build the idea around the globe) alongside revamping my blog so I can finally work at home while finding a corporate job to start saving up money for roller-derby, traveling (Blog Academy in September, Life Of Bon’s round table, meeting Jessie from Creating Happy for the first time, visiting my family in NC (I currently live in CO), and touring my family around Colorado in Grand Junction, Colorado Springs, and Denver), our massive NC wedding in August 2015, and moving from Grand Junction to Colorado Springs after the wedding. Of course, my man will be doing his own thing by having a second job with selling ice cream to tikes around our new neighborhood.

    3. Roller derby. I may be jealous of Feisty from GrrFeisty for being apart of a roller derby team, but she is not my source of inspiration for wanting to become a roller derby doll to begin with. I blame Rainbow Rage and Malice Minx for that when they were in an episode on MTV back when I was 15. I’m almost 24, so that gives you an idea for how long I’ve sat on wanting to do the idea. With that, I’m wanting to loose a good 100 lbs (I don’t look it since I have a lot of muscle, but I do want to tone my entire body down and build my core up) by using a treadmill, punching bag and lots of skating with my family/practicing with my man the entire year before trying out at the end of the year.

    4. I want to finish my BA in Retail Management this year and start on getting my degree in Fashion Design so I can work on obtaining my Cosmetology license in 2015 after moving to Colorado Springs. My goal is to own my own hair salon with dreadfall services and to sell cupcakes so I can enhance the lives of cats and those who volunteer to keep care of them, all while trying to build my portfolio to start my own line of clothing.

    I want this year to be different in its entirety. This year is for having a different lifestyle complete with a stronger and leaner body, jobs to financially take care of our family and to do the things above, to get my career started, and to travel throughout the year. Hopefully that includes going to concerts with my family and spending as much time as I can with my young one before he gets used to the idea of spending most of his day in Kindergarten this year!

  2. Final semester at State! That’s awesome! I’m excited to see what you create for your final art courses. I graduated in March (almost a year ago already…?!) and I felt like the last few months of classes went by in a blink of an eye. Take your time enjoying it :)

    I’m currently working for a state school during the day. It’s neat getting to sit in on lectures everyday, but it’s making me want to apply for grad school much sooner than I planned. 2014 holds a lot of travel for me! I’m excited :) So far the plan is Europe in the spring and the east coast in the fall.

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