Will You Be My Groomsman? Cigar Box & Whiskey Glass

Wedding planning is in full swing! So far, Dave and I are having a blast preparing for the big day and putting our personal spin on things together. I guess you could say he’s not like “most guys” who try to stay as far away from the wedding planning as possible (lest ye awaken a bridezilla with his unsolicited input). He’s so funny; after our engagement he felt he deserved some bling too and went and bought himself a man-gagement ring (a big flashy anchor signet ring – sure beats his ball-n-chain finger tattoo idea).

So when I started making special little gifts to ask my ladies to be my bridesmaids, naturally he wanted to join in on the fun and put something together for his guys too. Dave and I have the unique and very blessed situation that all of his groomsmen are also my closest friends and likewise he with my bridesmaids. So for that reason, I wanted these dudes to feel just as appreciated and know how important they are in making our wedding and our life awesome.

Dave and I worked collaboratively on these, starting with his idea of giving each guy a cigar and a whiskey glass. Ya know? Man stuff. We stumbled upon these single cigar boxes at Artist & Craftsman and the idea for the whole package evolved from there. I designed the ridiculously hip tags and created a basswood divider in the boxes to house a baby pinecone we collected to match the woodland theme of our wedding. Dave stained and sanded these bad boys, wrapped everything up in some twine, and put all the rustic finishing touches on it. Also, how cute is it that the cigars are “Romeo and Juliet”? Totally his idea *swoon*.

Next up, I’ll share what I did for my girls. Stay tuned! :)

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