Be My Bridesmaid? Boxes

It’s hard to believe the wedding is already almost 6 months away! We’re entering major crunch time mode where all the details need to be fleshed out, save-the-dates are scheduled to send, dresses are being ordered, and my mom is constantly flooding my inbox with ideas. Amidst all the craziness, my favorite part of wedding planning so far has been making all the things! I’m a DIY bride through and through (which I’m sure will be my sanity downfall once we get closer to the final stretch). But adding personal touches to all aspects of our wedding has been really important to us. When it came to asking my ladies to accompany me on Dave’s and my big day, I knew I needed to go all out and get crafty.

I was majorly inspired by these bridesmaid boxes from Bethany of Rinse Repeat and Rifle Design‘s paper doll chains. For several weeks, I slaved over 5 of these personalized paper dolls, carefully cutting exact hairstyles to match each girl. I hand-painted each girl’s name on the outside and a message on the inside lid. Inside the box, I included nail polish, paint swatches for color reference, moodboards, and info cards about the wedding weekend, the dresses, and a funny little list of duties (including “convincing me out of any gaudy taxidermy or zombie related decor” and “making sure Zach doesn’t get out of control at the reception”). The girls absolutely loved them and I’m so excited to party with these babely women!

6 comments on “Be My Bridesmaid? Boxes

  1. Those are the most adorable bridesmaids boxes I’ve ever seen! :) I think DIY brides are the best kind of bride, everything always looks so much more worth admiring when you know someone took the time to put it together by hand

  2. Those are absolutely amazing! They must have taken you so much time to do! I bet your bridesmaids were all really touched by the gifts, and they’ll be something they can keep forever.

  3. Would you ever consider selling these? I would love to have just the boxes! The names on the top are perfect, it’s what I’ve been wanting for my maids but I can’t write script!

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