’68 // Soma, San Diego 5.3.14

Hey, long time no see, Internet world. I was going to come back with a Life Lately post yet again explaining why I haven’t been blogging. But that would be boring and predictable. Instead, I’ve got some rad photos to share from the ’68 show this weekend.

In case you’ve been living under a rock and/or could care less about metalcore, Josh Scogin – my good friend and musical mastermind behind former bands The Chariot and Norma Jean – has started a new two-piece heavy rock-n-roll duo called ’68. I caught up with them at my old stomping grounds on their current tour with Chiodos. I haven’t shot photos at this venue in years, so it felt weird to be back. I also haven’t even listened to Chiodos since I was in high school. Nothing reminds me I’m getting older quite like standing in an audience of underage scene kids at a screamo show. But I digress… If ’68 is coming through your town, I highly suggest checking them out if you enjoy some good ol’ rock-n-roll or just miss The Chariot and want to see Josh carrying on the legacy of the trademark Scogin wide spread power stance.

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