Personal Portfolio Book

I just wanted to pop in and share a few sneak peeks at my personal portfolio book I’ve been working on for the last several months. A lot of literal blood, sweat, and tears (and several 3AM all-nighters) have gone into making this book a reality and I couldn’t be more proud to end my final semester of design school with this in my hands.

This 12×12 hardback perfect bound book was printed through Blurb and contains 8 projects I’ve completed during my time at SDSU, plus a collection of various illustrations. I’ll be sharing more in-depth looks at the projects included in this portfolio here on my blog throughout the next couple weeks, so stay tuned for that!

11 comments on “Personal Portfolio Book

  1. I’m always impressed with your ability to display the hand made aspect of your work in such a clean and minimal way. Your typography is always stellar as well. What will you be doing now that your college career is coming to a close?

    • Thank you. :) I’m still undecided what avenue I want to go after graduation. I’m sort of looking at some design firms and ad agencies, but I also want to start taking my freelance work to the next level now that I’ll have a lot more time to dedicate to working on larger projects and seeking out different types of clients. We’ll see what happens!

  2. I’m so happy for you. This turned out great! I only wish I was able to be there in person to see all your work. Congrats friend :)

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