Recent Work – Mandala Chai Cola

Finally getting some time to share a few of my portfolio projects from this semester!

Mandala Chai Cola is a fictional soda brand that evolved from an earlier design exercise where a simple star symbol was expanded to create a variety of unique logos. Starting with the basic 5-pointed star, I created a mandala, a Buddhist spiritual symbol often used as a meditation tool. In my sketches, I noticed that the central shape resembled a star anise pod, a spice used in chai tea. From there, I developed a chai soda brand inspired by the earthy, natural tones of the spices present in the drink and used design elements borrowed from Hindu Rangoli. The final identity and packaging design embodies the spiritual origins while also representing the unique and earthy taste of chai cola.

3 comments on “Recent Work – Mandala Chai Cola

  1. There’s nothing to dislike about this. Love the logo and the typography. I’m especially fond of the colors you used, it really captures that earth feel you were going for. The color of the beverage and the presentation is top notch as well. I guess the only part that I could criticize at all would maybe be the body copy on the side panel for legibility reasons, but I’m thinking that it’s likely the case because I’m not actually standing in front of it.

    Excellent work as always!

  2. So pretty and I love the design process – someone needs to make this drink happen! I love the mandala and I love how you used the middle of it on the neck of the bottle :)

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