Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Bucket List

Summer is here! I refuse to let these days of sunshine pass by without getting at least half of these things crossed off my bucket list. I'm mostly looking forward to stuffing my face with sinfully fried food at the fair and laying around in the sun drinking margaritas on the weekends. ;D Check out my whole list below and let me know what fun stuff you've got going on this summer!

✓ Ride roller coasters, watch pig races, and binge on fried food at the San Diego County Fair
• Take Frankie to a dog beach
• Fix up the backyard in our new place & throw a big housewarming BBQ
• Watch a cult classic movie under the stars in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery
✓ Margarita Sundays (do nothing but hang out with good friends and sip margaritas)
• Walk the boardwalk and visit the Venice Beach Freakshow
• Get away for a quick weekend camping trip
• Add a little something extra and make adult Sonic slushes
• Spend all day at a waterpark (haven't been to one in ages!)
• Renew our San Diego Zoo passes and visit the new Tiger Trail
• Start gardening at the new house
• Take an In-N-Out picnic to Queen Califia's Magical Circle
✓ Fill the car with snacks and catch a movie at the South Bay Drive-In

What are your exciting plans for the summer?


  1. I love that summer means all kinds of great plans like BBQs and the drive in. We're redoing our back patio right now too. It's hard work but so worth it! Make sure you share photos! I bet yours will be dreamy.

    Did you get a dog?! or have you always had one? haha. I wish we had dog parks around where I live. My boston terrier has sooooo much energy.

    Happy Friday!

    1. We're still waiting on this house to close, so hopefully it won't be too much longer until I can start moving in and fixing it up.

      I've had this dog for a while. It's my Rottweiler I usually post pictures of on Instagram. But she lives up at my parents' place since I can't have her down here. Dog beaches are great! Here in San Diego, even our dogs are spoiled with great weather and the ocean, haha. ;)

    2. Good luck! Closing on a house is exciting and potentially frustrating all at the same time. I hope you have more patience than I do.

    3. So far it's been very frustrating, haha. However, I'm fortunately not the one dealing with most of it. We're actually going to be moving in with my sister, and she's the one doing all the hard work. But we're keeping our fingers crossed it'll all be done by Thursday!

  2. What are your quick camping getaway favorite spots? I'm wanting to go next weekend! All the beaches seem to be taken though. :( Where do you like to go?

    1. The only camping getaway we've done so far is Big Sur at Pfeiffer under the redwoods -- which is incredible. My mom goes camping almost every other weekend though and she recommends Cuyamaca and Caspers for wilderness camping. I don't really like beach camping, so I don't have any suggestions there.

  3. Sounds like you have some great places to go in or around San Diego. I mean drive in movies, that's so awesome!

  4. summer is just starting here for us in New Zealand, my list looks a bit like yours! :)
    timothy + ariana


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