Italian Honeymoon Pt. 1

We’re back from our honeymoon and it’s time to bombard this blog with lots of photos from our Italian travels! The morning immediately following the wedding, we headed to the airport at 5AM to begin our 17 hour journey to the other side of the world. (Looking back, I definitely recommend taking a day or two to chill out at home before leaving for such a huge honeymoon – wedding planning and traveling are both dehumanizingly exhausting.)

Baggy-eyed and sleep deprived, we made it safely to Venice. The photo above is the view from our bedroom window after a beautiful thunderstorm. We spent most of our time in Venice wandering the labyrinth of rustic streets, eating gelato for every meal, and people-watching underneath the bell tower in Saint Mark’s Square. This portion of Venice is notoriously riddled with tourists, so we often spent our days inside our hotel, watching Italian television in our bathrobes until we could safely emerge at night when the alleyways were less crowded, and the lights and music turned the city into the backdrop for a romantic chick-flick.

Foodie Tip: Alfredo’s (Dal Moro’s) – Fresh, piping hot, affordable, and mouthwateringly delicious pasta to go. For 5-7 euros, our takeout boxes were stuffed full with freshly made pasta lathered in pesto and filled to the brim with hearty chunks of prosciutto.

Next stop, we took the train to Florence, where after some arguing over getting lost (what’s a honeymoon really without a few tiffs?), we finally made it to our hotel which sat along the Arno River. A bottle of champagne was waiting for us in our room and the open windows overlooked the city, the Duomo and Florence Cathedral rising up in the distance over the Tuscan rooftops. We perused the Accademia Gallery and soaked up all the incredible and historic artwork Firenze has tucked away in every corner. In the next few posts, I’ll share some of the zoological museums we visited during our travels.

Foodie Tip: Trattoria Sostanza – Probably thee most phenomenal meal we had our entire stay. We made a reservation here for our “one week anniversary” after reading the rave reviews on Yelp and Tripadvisor. Dave had the florentine steak – a thick slab of rare meat unceremoniously presented by itself on a plate, yet bursting with god-like flavor. I ordered the famous butter chicken, deep fried and still bubbling in a bath of gloriously golden butter. Every bite melted in my mouth. Paired with the house wine and topped off with a fluffy rich torta cake, I swear I had a foodgasm by the end of the meal.

All in all, the honeymoon was fantastic and a wonderful adventure to kick off this new season of our lives!

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  1. 1. congratulations!
    2. your trip photos look amazing. looks like you guys had a blast
    3. all that amazing looking food. WOW. Note to self: expect to gain 10 lbs if you go to Italy

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