Bridesmaid Gifts That Don’t Suck

The final weeks before our wedding, I was having the hardest time coming up with gift ideas for my bridesmaids that would make them feel special, fully express my gratitude for how much work they put into the parties leading up to the big day, and not be totally lame. Suggestions online really weren’t much help. Monogramed tote bags? Bedazzled flip flops? Ick. No thank you. Here are 4 fun gifts I gave my girls that are guaranted not to end up in the trash after the wedding.

Floral Robes

I knew I wanted robes my girls could wear during our weekend up at Bailey’s, but those cotton floral ones from India every. single. bride. seems to use now were a bit outside my budget at $35 a pop. I searched and searched for something cheaper and better suited for my awesome ladies, and just as I was about to give up the hunt, I stumbled upon these adorable floral chiffon robes at Forever 21. Score!

Flower Crowns

Next up, I made flower crowns for each of my girls to wear on rehearsal day. I love any excuse to dress up and put on fun over-the-top pieces you wouldn’t normally pair with an everyday outfit. Plus they looked darling in photos. ;) Making 6 of these was a labor of love and my maids really appreciated them. And really – who doesn’t love flower crowns?

Personalized Hangers

These were mostly for photo op purposes, but I hand wrote each girl’s name on a wood hanger from Target. At our venue, each couple had their own adorably vintage bedroom in the Bailey House, and the ladies hung their dresses on a hook on the backs of the doors with their name hanger.

Memento Necklaces

I wanted to give each girl a little something to remember the day by, that didn’t involve engraving our wedding date on the surface (seriously, people need to stop making these kinds of bridesmaids gifs; I’ll never again use a flask that has your wedding date on it – stoppit). Antlers were a big theme at our wedding, so I bought these beautiful gold antler charms and put them on dainty gold chains. I still catch my girls wearing them even a month after the wedding!

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