Italian Honeymoon Pt. 2 – Bologna Zoological Museum

Dave and I spent the majority of our honeymoon weaving through halls of dusty taxidermy, peering into Victorian cabinets full of centuries old creatures. My mom was pretty annoyed that after coming home from our trip, all I had to show were pictures of dead animals. But Italy has some of the most extraordinary and historically significant naturalist collections, with pieces dating back to the 18 and 1900’s.

We took the train to Bologna, a city home to the oldest university in the world. There we stumbled into a seemingly deserted museum filled to the brim with old zoological specimen. Rows and rows of glass cases housed fading birds from all over the globe, haphazard piles of weasels and rodents, and lumpy beasts with bared teeth and hazy eyes.

But what makes this collection really unique is it’s origin. Many of the creatures were collected by Ulisse Aldrovandi, Ferdinando Cospi, and Luigi Ferdinando Marsili – Renaissance naturalists who played a major part in establishing natural history as a systematic study and formed one of the first great curiosity cabinets.

2 comments on “Italian Honeymoon Pt. 2 – Bologna Zoological Museum

  1. Seems like this trip was right up your alley, which is awesome. It’s great that the both of you can share your love of taxidermy, even on a honeymoon. I’m sure it was a lot more memorable than sitting on a beach and eating food all day (although there is nothing wrong with that, because I’m about to do that for my honeymoon in June).

    • Haha, there was a moment when we were in Venice, dead tired from all the wedding planning and not wanting to do anything but lay in our hotel, I said, “Why couldn’t we just be normal and be laying on a beach right now?!” Our trip was super fun, but I definitely needed some time to just relax. So savor and enjoy your relaxing honeymoon!

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